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Crashing in iOS 8.4 opened the subscription price for Apple Music for Russia

In the fourth beta of iOS 8.4 the error was detected, which made it possible to determine the subscription price for the new Apple music service in Russia. Information was...


Goodbye, Apple Watch: two stories of “smart” clock Apple

Smart watch Apple Watch made a lot of noise and continue his “nadelyat”. Find laudatory or review helpful? No problem — Google in the help, their, reviews, there are thousands....


The mail app in iOS 9 has learned to save attachments to iCloud Drive

Standard mail app in iOS 9 learned how to save email attachments in the cloud service iCloud Drive. Now the users of iPhone and iPad costs nothing to transfer data...


Samsung moves to Russia personal data of Russian citizens

Samsung translates to Russia personal data of Russian citizens to comply with legal requirements. Samsung will place them in the Moscow data center company DataPro, owned by the family of...


Apple will close for Android users free access to Apple Music

The Apple Music app will be released on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Apple TV. However, on Android, as it became known, the free version of the app (c limited...


8 technologies that Apple has declared war on WWDC

Each time, announcing their new software, the Apple comes on the territory of the developers of third-party applications. So it was with iOS 8 and


Apple confirmed working on its own service interactive panoramas

Apple has told about work on own view of urban landscapes. On the website of the company page there was a section with a description of the schedules of...


Apple Music will use a bitrate of 256 Kbit/s

About launching a streaming music service Apple announced at its annual developers conference in San Francisco – WWDC 2015. Apple Music is a service that allows a user to listen...


The former head of Yota predicted the collapse of banks because of Apple

Apple and Google gradually “strangle” banks. Such a scenario predicts the former head of Yota Anatoly Smorgon. The only salvation for banks to team up with mobile operators to fight...


Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 beta 5 for developers and participants in the testing program

With iOS 8.4 beta 4, Apple has issued a fourth beta version of the cumulative update for OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. Build available to developers and participants in the testing...


Apple Music will allow to download the albums to listen to in offline mode

The new Apple music service Music, offering access to 30 million tracks, will allow you to upload content to listen offline. This function is listed in the list of service...


Became known the price of the subscription at Apple Music in Russia

Music streaming service Apple Music presented on Monday at WWDC, will cost Russia $ 169 per month subscription. This is reported by “Vedomosti” referring to a source at a major...


Ivideon Oco: two eyes are good, but three is better

Many people still think that video surveillance is expensive, involving a long and time-consuming to install and are available only to the elite. However, this is no longer the case:...


Apple accused of copying features Windows and Android for iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan

A number of users who watched the WWDC presentation 2015 Monday, we are convinced that many Apple ideas for their new operating systems, the company borrowed from the software Google...


Apple radically updates the cloud infrastructure in anticipation of the launch of a new music service

Apple radically updates the server infrastructure and modernizing its data centers in anticipation of the launch of a new music service Apple Music, reported Bloomberg on Monday. The initiative is...

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