Apple will go on trial because of Kaspersky Lab

Apple and scandals are inextricable concepts. What happened this time? The California giant has attracted the attention of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia. Image from The situation is serious. FAS started an Apple case. The apple corporation is charged with abuse of market position. She does not allow competitor apps on the App […]


What is the most popular iPhone now? Of course XR!

The iPhone XR was the best-selling iPhone in the United States in the third fiscal quarter of 2019. The study was published by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). Reviews IPhone XR Review through the iPhone XS Owner Alexander Pobyvanets February 12, 2019 According to the study, iPhone models XS, XS Max and XR account for […]


                                    Take a look at the Apple Watch interface from the iPhone

The fantasies of some users know no boundaries. Apple Watch smart watches are based on watchOS. Great system for such a gadget. But not everyone is happy with the platform. Image from Individuals dream of a full-fledged iOS. They want the Apple Watch not to differ from the iPhone. It means in terms of […]

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The concept truly useful Siri

Apple before anyone realized the need for a voice assistant in the smartphone. The first version of Siri was released in 2011, but since the assistant has not undergone major changes. Concept designer Kevin Eugene fixes old bugs. First idea of the concept is not to create new teams, and in fact to correctly display […]

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“MegaFon” 30% will increase Internet speed to some subscribers

The operator introduces the concept of “VIP-client” and gives those users additional privileges. In recent time, mobile operators are increasingly adding options that positively affect the experience of using a particular rate. First started to fade roaming across Russia, then all of the “big three” returned to unlimited Internet. This again drew the attention of […]

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So Samsung wants to buy every

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has long worked on foldable smartphone. The announcement of the device is expected in the next 6 months. “We don’t want to lose the title of world championship in the technology market,” said Dong Jin Ko, CEO of Samsung Mobile. The company has filed many patent applications, according to […]

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Why Apple doesn’t change iOS

Five years ago Apple introduced iOS 7. It was the most massive system update, which completely changed its design. Many are waiting for the moment when Apple once again update the design of iOS, but soon it will not happen. Recently I played on iPad Air with iOS 8.4. This update was released in 2015, […]

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How will look iPhone 9

Recently, the designer Jonas Dahnert published a new concept of the future smartphone Apple. He’s not the first person to submit it to the iPhone X, but in fact it may appear so-called “chin”. Most designers representing their concept, believes that the iPhone X, iPhone X and iPhone Plus with 6.1-inch screen, which will be […]