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Intel announced the next generation of processors called Ice Lake

21 August, Intel will present the processors eighth-generation Coffee Lake. Despite the fact that the new product is known very little, the developers have announced the release of the next...



Why now is the best time to buy iPad Pro 10.5

While all Android manufacturers sadly have concluded that tablets are dying, Apple is delaying the funeral, and makes people admire the new iPads. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro was presented at...



All gadgets that Apple will launch before the end of 2017

In this selection we have collected all the new things we are promised by Apple before the end of this year. Apple has already been a productive year, but the...



Looked like the Apple website in 1998?

On Reddit he remembered what was like in a year when Steve jobs introduced the first iMac desktop computer. via Reddit For 19 years the company has changed its...



Fans of Windows called 8 reasons to abandon macOS and for all to return to “Windows”

History of development and formation of the two most popular desktop OS is macOS, and Windows – are closely interrelated. These platforms initially different concepts: the developers at Apple and...



Microsoft said that Windows 10 is five times more popular than macOS

According to official data, worldwide there are about 100 million active Mac users. Microsoft in a recent interview said that the number of Windows 10 users exceeds 500 million. Taking...



Blogger “pumped” base model iMac 5K, saving almost $2000 [video]

iMac you cannot upgrade? Tell that to the blogger Quinn Nelson, who upgraded the base model 5K iMac for $1799, received a computer that is easy to “beat” the most...



How to turn your Mac or Windows PC to Apple TV

You have a 27-inch iMac or Mac mini with a large monitor. Why not use them as a replacement for Apple TV? Instead of watching a movie on an iPhone...



Apple launched the campaign ‘Back To School’ 2017: buy a Mac and get a Beats headphones for 21 500 rubles

As we expected, a few months before the start of the new school year, Apple launched the campaign Back to School. The company’s goal is to sell products to pupils...



This passenger train in the UK clearly have not heard about MacBook [photo]

Some users are so fanateyut from Apple computers that take the iMac with you… the train. The passenger train in the UK noticed a woman who used a desktop computer...



With a new line of iMac it’s time to return to desktop computers

Desktops returned. Of course, technical PC did not go anywhere, but the last few years, the emphasis on mobile form factors – tablets, smartphones and laptops. Apple is one of...



Should I buy iMac or should I wait for the iMac Pro?

At WWDC in June, Apple announced update of the line iMac. Already you can buy an iMac processors Kaby Lake, but in December 2017 in sale iMac Pro with flagship...



Authorities will enforce Russian anti-virus software on all new computers

By the middle of 2019, officials are going to require you to preset the Russian anti-virus software on all computers that are imported and created in the territory of the...



For the mayoralty of Perm will buy the new iMac Pro for 450 000 rubles

Administration of Perm declared auction on the purchase of a computer, the description of which fits the new professional Pro iMac, unveiled by Apple at WWDC 2017. The monoblock is...



Why not wait for iPhone 8, 7s, and 7s Plus this year

The appearance of the iPhone remained virtually unchanged for three years, and this year Apple will finally introduce a completely redesigned smartphone. And show not one, not two, but three...

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