About everything interesting for the week # 51: Xiaomi's top-end umbrella and Facebook VR glasses prototype

A selection of the most interesting news for the week that did not get on the main agenda. Getting started! One paragraph news Facebook showed a prototype of “ordinary” VR glasses Yes, just ordinary glasses – no bulky helmet. To achieve this thickness and size, a thin holographic multilayer film is used instead of lenses […]


Apple iMac on sale at

Made in a single-block form, the Apple iMac gives maximum compactness, it takes up space on the table no more than a laptop, but at the same time you have a full-sized screen and a separate keyboard. Everything is done so that you get the maximum pleasure from working with your computer. The design of […]


New AirPods and iMac on the way

Apple is preparing to release several new products, and this is not only a new series of iPhone 12 smartphones. Authoritative insider John Prosser told you what other Apple innovations are coming. iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will receive displays at 120 Hz                   Apple owns more than half the smartwatch market […]