Google and Apple fight pandemic & nbsp together

Google and Apple Fight Pandemic Together Recall that Google and Apple have developed a system that tracks the spread of Coronavirus through collaboration. Google CEO said he intends to collaborate with Apple. In fact, it seems that there will be attempts to collaborate with Apple on various projects, such as the notification system project. In […]


declassified prices of all four iPhone 12 models

Sources of the portal FRONT PAGE TECH declassified iPhone 12. In particular, they talked about under what code names new iPhone models are developed, what chips they will receive and how much they will cost in retail. Tim Cook: the new iPhone SE is faster than the fastest Android smartphone                   Apple's revenue grows […]


Apple moves employees to remote mode

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, recommended that employees at Apple Park and Infinite Loop in Cupertino switch to remote mode due to a coronavirus outbreak. It is proposed to work remotely from March 9 to 13. This applies to branches in regions that are prone to infection above others: Santa Clara, Grove, as well as branches […]