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Apple will pay 13 billion euros of tax revenues in may 2018

The tax scandal around Apple seems to be coming to a logical conclusion. The agreement between Apple and the Irish government on the payment of uncollected tax levies will be...


iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus X beat iPhone sales

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus together took 44% of the March sales of the iPhone in 2018 in the United States and won over iPhone X. it is reported...


As Apple celebrated Earth Day

Yesterday, Apple started celebrating Earth Day with a presentation Beer Bash famous reggae performer ziggy Marley. It is reported 9to5Mac. As is usually the case, many Apple employees attended the...


All that is known about the Apple Watch Series 4

Described rumors and speculation about the device, which will likely be called the Apple Watch Series 4. In the second half of this year, Apple will likely release a new...


iPad and Mac will not become one

Tim cook denies rumors that two of the most popular systems Apple iOS and macOS will become one. It is reported by AppleInsider. “We don’t believe in merging. Both platforms...


Users trust Apple less than Microsoft

SurveyMonkey and Recode did a big study and found out which company people trust less. First place in this anti-top was occupied by Mark Zuckerberg. In connection with the recent...


“Father of the iPod” Tony Fadell believes that Apple must tackle the problem of dependency on the iPhone

A former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, known as the “father of the iPod”, told Wired that Apple should follow the dependence on the iPhone, and compared the use of the...


Apple reminded the staff about the dismissal of information leakage

Apple sent a long memo to its employees. In it the company talks about the consequences if the worker will tell secret information to the media, according to Bloomberg. In...


Annual updates are not necessary. iOS and macOS is better to upgrade every two years

Explain why the pompous annual releases — marketing evil that needs to be buried for the sake of stability and ease. The situation is this — in June, Apple will...


Fresh selection of temporarily free apps for iOS

MacDigger the editors have gathered the latest collection of temporarily free applications. Orderly — simple to-do list The app allows you to submit all planned for the day in the...


Tim cook: Apple Each building uses “green” energy. Whether so it actually?

Apple CEO boasted on Twitter that every building, every data center and the Apple store runs on the energy from renewable sources. What it really means — to understand furthe


Zuckerberg admitted his mistakes and explained before the U.S. Congress

Soon Facebook CEO will report to the U.S. Congress in Washington. The conversation will be about privacy and data integrity. It is reported by Recode. Dialogue Zuckerberg has prepared some...


Apple has brought the Fund RED more than a hundred million dollars

According to information from the press release of Apple’s cooperation with the Corporation was very profitable for the Fund for the fight against AIDS and tuberculosis. Apple has partnered with...


Apple annoys users by imposing unnecessary functions

Many users began to complain that Apple is forcing them some functions such as Siri and Apple Pay. IPhone owners began to complain that the smartphone bothers them notifications that...


Apple, what happened to the Mac mini?

The Mac mini is a unique computer that somehow uninteresting Apple. The last version was released four years ago, and the update waiting for at least two years. The Mac...

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