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In the Appendix of “Vkontakte” will appear for dinner, taxis and movie tickets

In a mobile application “Vkontakte” for iOS and Android will be a new item “Services”, which will be available in a variety of applications, including service for ordering food Delivery...



Touch ID makes the MacBook Pro the best Mac in history

MacBook Pro last year received the biggest update in the history of the series. And it is not only a radically new design, a new set of ports and improved...



LG G6 has been officially unveiled: 5.7-inch screen with slim frame, double camera, water resistant

In the framework of a special press conference in anticipation of the 2017 MWC, LG introduced its new flagship smartphone LG G6. The novelty is characterized by a large 5.7-inch...



MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL – perfect time killer

So, stop! Yes, right now – stop trying to turn the page. We understand you: I saw a set of letters, “what’s going on”, well, the finger went further –...



10 iOS apps that will be envied Android users

iOS is not only more reliable but also more closed platform. Despite this a large number of games and apps that are not available to users of smartphones and tablets...



8 things to do immediately after installing Windows 10 on a Mac

To install the Windows 10 operating system not only on PC but also on Mac. Computer users there are two ways to use a virtual machine or system application Boot...



7 years with the iPad: do the tablets today?

7 years ago, speaking at a press conference in San Francisco, Apple founder Steve jobs said from the stage: “we All now use laptops and smartphones. But recently the question...



MotherBox: the first wireless charging for iPhone with a range of two feet [video]

This week’s laboratory Disney Research demonstrated the technology of wireless energy transfer, which allows you to simultaneously charge all the equipment in the room. But while this is only a...



Hangs camera iPhone? A simple way to solve the problem

Immediately after buying a brand new iPhone surprising design and capabilities, and then suddenly encounters a problem. Many owners of Apple gadgets know about it not by hearsay. One of...



Gboard keyboard from Google with integrated search, themes, emoticons became available in Russian language

Google has released a major update to the free Gboard keyboard for iPhone and iPad. Application which includes integrated search services, as well as GIF, emoticons izobrajenie, received the support...



New keyboard Apple for Mac users envy Windows

A key innovation in the MacBook pros was an added touch-a touch-screen located above the keyboard. Panel Touch Bar are various tools. The panel is fully customizable and its contents...



Time Doctor – the program of the account of working hours is even better

We already told you about the Time Doctor is a special app that allows you to track how efficiently your employees are working (and you too). The program has since...



Welltory: application for measuring stress and increasing productivity

Most people today live in constant stress. But long-term stress is often the cause of disease and loss of productivity, so the balance between stress and recovery is very important....



IPhone users in the U.S. spend on purchases around $40 per year

IPhone users in the U.S. spend an average of about $40 to purchase apps from the App Store a year. Reports about it it is spoken in the report of...



iPhone 8 will be a revolutionary function that does not exist in any Android smartphone

Rumors of 5.8-inch iPhone 8, which Apple will release this fall, argue that the device will receive a frameless OLED display and a new 3D camera, which will replace the...

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