Apple takes revenge for replacing batteries in unofficial SC

Want to change the battery in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR? Are you going to contact an unofficial service center? Then know – Apple will not forgive this. Image from IFixit experts have found the following. Installing a power source in a third-party SC will "outrage" iOS 12. She refuses to […]


                                    How many cameras will the iPad Pro 2019 have? You will not believe

There are only a few weeks left before the announcement of the iPhone 11. However, the light did not converge on the phones. Apple is also preparing to release the iPad Pro 2019. Image from What will please the new "apple" tablets? iPad Pro 2019 will be a real gift for photographers. And those […]


                                    Snapdragon 865 overtakes Apple A12 Bionic at Geekbench

Apple A12 Bionic – Apple's proprietary processor, the "heart" of the latest iPhone and iPad. It is not just fast, but incredibly fast. So much so that few people bypass it. Image from Based on the Apple A12 Bionic, the iPhone XS Max was created. "Apple" flagship came out almost a year ago. But […]


                                    WhatsApp will appear on iPad and Mac without binding to a smartphone

Still using WhatsApp? Good news for you. Soon the messenger can be launched on the iPad and Mac. Without dancing with a tambourine – as an independent application. Image from WhatsApp is working fancy now. You need to keep a smartphone (connected to the Internet) next to the tablet and PC. Otherwise, the service […]


                                    Foxconn is actively preparing to launch new iPhone

About six weeks separate us from the official announcement of the next generation iPhone. Not only Apple itself, but also its suppliers and contractors are actively preparing to launch new iPhones. Thus, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn is expanding the staff who will be busy assembling new Apple smartphones. This was reported by the publication […]


Everything interesting for the week # 5

The work week is over, the weekend is coming to an end, which means that the time for the next collection of "About Everything". One paragraph news iPad Pro 2019 iPad 10.2 Macotakara reports that this year the iPad Pro will receive a triple camera. Most likely, the same as in the future iPhone 11. […]


                                    Apple's 5G modem will be ready by 2021

Last week, Apple officially announced the acquisition of most of the mobile modem business from Intel's American chipmaker. The amount of the transaction, which will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019, is about 1 billion US dollars. Having bought a modem business, Apple will have more resources to create its own 5G modem. […]


                                    Apple summed up last quarter

On Tuesday, July 30, Apple released a report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2019, which ended in the US on June 30. Over the reporting period, Apple revenue amounted to 53.8 billion dollars. This is the highest July quarter in Apple’s history. interesting                            New iPhones get Apple Pencil support      […]


                                    Another video from iPhone 11. Take a look

Novelty in the collection of leaks about the iPhone 11. Lewis Hilsenteger – an authoritative technoblogger – recently published a video. The latter demonstrates a realistic flagship layout. Unbox Therapy YouTube Channel Image What is interesting – the version of Hilsenteger differs from colleagues. He has the infamous square ledge stands out less. Also, pay […]


                                    New iPhones get Apple Pencil support

Apple will introduce the next generation iPhone this fall. The so-called iPhone 11 or iPhone XI will receive a rather unexpected new feature. It's about supporting the Apple Pencil stylus. This was reported by analysts at Citi Research, cited by Business Insider. interesting                            Now officially: the launch of the Apple Card will […]