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Demonstrated Pangu jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 for iPhone 7 at a conference in China

Well-known hacker team Pangu demonstrated at security conference in the field of mobile communication 10.3.1 jailbreak for iOS – the current version of the mobile operating system Apple. According to...



How to install emulator SNES4iOS iOS 10 without jailbreak

For lovers of classic Nintendo consoles became available the new emulator SNES4iOS designed for use on iPhone and iPad. The advantage of this project lies in the fact that it...



How to make ringtone for your iPhone from any song [without jailbreak]

In today’s world the telephone is an important part of each person. Many people use iPhone not only for communication but also for entertainment. Apple offered users a large choice...



How to restore iOS 10.2 on iPhone and iPad without updating and losing jailbreak

The utility Eraser Cydia from Jay Freeman is the ability to restore the original OS version and jailbreak without updating the firmware. Unfortunately, to optimize Cydia Eraser under the latest...



How to install an app to view torrents MovieBox 10++ on iOS without jailbreak

If you once used the app for watching movies MovieBox, most likely, you have heard about MovieBox++. Like all apps with the prefix “++”, new MovieBox took all the best...



Enthusiast has ported Google Maps to Apple’s CarPlay [video]

One of the world’s most popular mapping and navigation apps Google Maps is officially available on Apple CarPlay. Despite all the flaws and limitations of signature service car interface supercinski...



How to install the application to accelerate and optimize xCleaner on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

xCleaner is one of the best tools to clean iPhone and iPad from “junk”. As the developers say, is a multifunctional optimizer and accelerator, designed to clean gadgets from junk...



Hackers have created “eternal” jailbreak for iPhone 3GS

Hackers have discovered a jailbreak vulnerability in a protected section in the Bootroom iPhone 3GS. According to the hacker axi0mX, tool, exploit this gap in the smartphones, can’t be blocked...



Found the solution to the main problem AirPods

Last year Apple introduced a brand AirPods wireless headphones. The device is made in the premium design and comes with a charging case. In addition to excellent ergonomics and a...



The release iDeviceReRestore utility to restore 32-bit devices on any version of iOS 9.x

In early March, a group of developers have announced a tool for downgrade 32-bit devices on iOS 9.x. Today we release a new utility to roll back your iPhone and...



How to install an app to record the screen EveryCord (iRec) 10 on iOS without jailbreak

iPhone and iPad a good many people, but users are just not satisfied with the closed software platform Apple – you are allowed to do with your gadget is only...



How to know the number of recharge cycles of the battery iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

No matter what features your iPhone or iPad if its battery something is not right. Unfortunately, even the correct handling of the gadget and comply with all instructions may not...



Waze navigation app ported to Apple’s CarPlay [video]

One of the most popular navigation apps Waze officially available for Apple CarPlay, but it can be moved on the car interface with a small tweak. At the moment, CarPlay...



OwnSpy: spy app that allows you to remotely activate the microphone and camera iPhone

Jailbreak allows you to extend the capabilities of Apple mobile devices and add various functions, which are unlikely to appear in the official environment. Online store, Cydia daily complemented by...



How to turn an ordinary Apple Watch Apple Watch Apple Watch Hermès or Nike+

If you are not able to afford the Apple Watch in a special edition Hermes, do not despair. You can transfer the brand dials, available in an exclusive series of...

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