How to buy an iPhone in the USA

According to statistics from a recent survey on the site, it turned out that only 40% of iPhone owners purchased their phones in Russia from authorized dealers. The remaining 60% use gray phones that came to us from America and Europe. At the moment, there are no official Apple Store stores in our country, and […]


Apple sues Android install on iPhone

Recently, the Apple community literally blew up the news that enthusiasts managed to jailbreak the iPhone using an Android smartphone, and then completely install Google’s mobile operating system on the iPhone instead of iOS. Apple did not leave this unattended and decided to sue the specialists who carried out these described manipulations with the iPhone. […]


Hackers have found a way to steal passwords from the iPhone

Apple strictly monitors the safety of its gadgets. But sometimes exceptions happen. Crackers are trickier than developers from Cupertino. Image from Elcomsoft, an iPhone hacking expert, excelled. Its specialists managed to create the iOS Forensic Toolkit utility. The program opens the locked "apple" phones. iOS Forensic Toolkit provides access to user data. You can […]


Apple has banned the installation of iOS 12.4

Apple in its repertoire. Already upgraded to iOS 12.4.1? Return to iOS 12.4 is no longer possible. The corporation has ceased to sign this version. Legal methods do not rollback. Image from What does that say? Get used to the features of iOS 12.4.1 and wait for iOS 13. Moving to iOS 12.4 does […]


IOS 12.4.1 released: what's new?

On Monday, August 26, Apple quietly released iOS 12.4.1. This is a small update that came out a month after the release of iOS 12.4. The iOS 12.4.1 update is available for all iOS 12 compatible devices. You can download it "over the air" by going to Settings, then opening the General section and clicking […]


About everything interesting for the week # 7: PlayStation 5, the new iCloud and the new Disney + service

The weekend is coming to an end, which means that the time for the next collection of "About Everything". A lot of interesting things. One paragraph news Sony patented PlayStation 5 design The LetsGoDigital publication has published screenshots of the new Sony patent, which demonstrates the design of the PlayStation 5. But this may not […]