Siri named the most popular voice assistant

Many will agree that voice assistants have greatly simplified our interaction with mobile devices. And some people can’t imagine their life without Siri, Alice or Google Assistant. And what kind of voice consultants are most often referred by users, analysts at Futuresource Consulting research company decided to find out. interesting                            Apple will […]


Fridge, GameCube and Yandex.Station: gathering network reactions to the Xbox Series X

At the annual The Game Awards, Microsoft suddenly announced its fifth-generation Xbox Series X console: news Microsoft introduced the new generation Xbox – Series X Kostya Baranov December 13, 2019 The design turned out to be pretty controversial. Controversial in terms of its simplicity. And if there is an opportunity to touch something, people will […]


                                    Apple again the most expensive company in the world

Apple was the first company in the world whose market capitalization reached one trillion dollars. Then Apple stocks fell significantly and the market value of the iPhone maker fell below one trillion dollars, and the most expensive companies in the world were Amazon and Microsoft. And now Apple has finally regained the status of the […]


                                    Apple will solve the problem of affordable housing

Apple is one of the largest American investors. It supports not only promising technology startups, but also social projects. So, this week, Apple management announced that the company plans to invest a large amount in the construction of affordable housing in California. interesting                            Unexpectedly, iOS 13.2.2 came out. What's new?           […]