Which processor will get the 16-inch MacBook Pro? You'll like it

Have you heard of the 16-inch MacBook Pro? The latter will replace the 15-inch model. Characteristics of new items are encouraging. Image from Firstly, the laptop screen will improve. The frames around the display are reduced. Resolution will be 3072 by 1920 pixels. Secondly, Apple will fix the keyboard. The infamous butterfly mechanism will […]


                                    Apple will go on trial because of Kaspersky Lab

Apple and scandals are inextricable concepts. What happened this time? The California giant has attracted the attention of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia. Image from The situation is serious. FAS started an Apple case. The apple corporation is charged with abuse of market position. She does not allow competitor apps on the App […]


                                    Apple Music tracks sound better

Good news for music lovers using Apple Music. The service has millions of high quality tracks. Those added by Mastered for iTunes. Image from This initiative started in 2012 – with the filing of Apple. iTunes has flooded versions of songs with updated sound. The latter – according to advertising – reflects the author’s […]


Everything interesting for the week # 6

The week turned out to be eventful, so the selection will be large, and the introduction will be small. To the news! One paragraph news Smart Scooter Ninebot The new Ninebot scooter is introduced, which independently returns to the charging station. The first buyers will receive a “smart” scooter at the beginning of 2020, it […]


                                    Apple takes revenge for replacing batteries in unofficial SC

Want to change the battery in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR? Are you going to contact an unofficial service center? Then know – Apple will not forgive this. Image from IFixit experts have found the following. Installing a power source in a third-party SC will "outrage" iOS 12. She refuses to […]


                                    Samsung has removed videos making fun of iPhone

Remember when Apple released the iPhone 7? “Apple” flagship surprised by the lack of a mini-jack. The 3.5mm jack disappeared, upsetting the owners of wired headphones. A. Samsung used this for personal gain. The South Korean giant has created many videos making fun of the iPhone. For what? For the loss of the traditional exit. […]