MacBook Pro bans flying on airplanes

Interesting news from the USA. Some 15-inch MacBook Pros appear to have fallen under "sanctions." Take them on a plane is officially prohibited. Image – AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson The corresponding decree was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Under its action fall MacBook Pro, released in a certain period. Namely, from September 2015 to […]


                                    Which processor will get the 16-inch MacBook Pro? You'll like it

Have you heard of the 16-inch MacBook Pro? The latter will replace the 15-inch model. Characteristics of new items are encouraging. Image from Firstly, the laptop screen will improve. The frames around the display are reduced. Resolution will be 3072 by 1920 pixels. Secondly, Apple will fix the keyboard. The infamous butterfly mechanism will […]


Everything interesting for the week # 6

The week turned out to be eventful, so the selection will be large, and the introduction will be small. To the news! One paragraph news Smart Scooter Ninebot The new Ninebot scooter is introduced, which independently returns to the charging station. The first buyers will receive a “smart” scooter at the beginning of 2020, it […]


                                    New 16-inch MacBook Pro will be released in September

Now Apple is preparing to launch not only the next generation iPhone, which is expected to be announced in September, but also a few new products. Among them is a MacBook Pro laptop with a 16-inch display, which the sources of the Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes spoke about the day before. interesting                    […]


                                    Apple has earned on services more than $ 11 billion

Apple services have become an important source of revenue for the company in the face of stagnant iPhone sales. In the third quarter of fiscal 2019, revenue from a service category that includes iTunes, the App Store, Mac App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, AppleCare and many others exceeded $ 11 billion. This became known […]


                                    Apple is preparing to launch production of a new MacBook Pro

Apple is preparing new products for release. Among them are not only the next-generation iPhone, but also the new iPad and MacBook models. Their production, by the way, is about to start. Today, we already reported that at the end of July, Apple will start mass production of a new iPad tablet with a 10.2-inch […]


                                    Apple abandoned 12-inch MacBook

On Tuesday, July 9, Apple released the updated entry-level MacBook Air and the 13-inch entry-level MacBook Pro. And at the same time, she also withdrew a 12-inch MacBook from the sale. interesting                            Analysts: sales of new iPhones will disappoint everyone                   iPhone 11 lit up on the same "photo" with the […]


                                    How much will the iPhone 11 cost? You won't like it

Latest iPhones too expensive? Yes, Apple itself recognized it. The company even promised to revise prices in some countries. Downward. Image from Some have decided that the new flagship will be cheaper. At least one of the iPhone 11 (all expected 4). Also, rumors about the "budget" version of the iPhone for China. It […]