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Moment: the app that will help to overcome the dependence on the smartphone

The phone is always at hand – every hour we check the time, scan the notification or just mindlessly hanging out in the news feed favorite social network. If you...


My iPhone started to limit peak performance. I had to change the battery

On Friday I was faced with the problem of slow performance on the iPhone. I immediately went to service center, so I replaced the battery and also check some of...


Folio case for iPhone XR – perfect for the winter

As you know, Apple is the second year produces a new form factor of the case-books for flagship smartphones. The first generation Folio was launched with the iPhone X, and...


The network got pictures of the 2 AirPods, which may go out before the end of this year

According to the latest leaks, Apple is going to have time to release the long-awaited AirPods second generation before the end of this year. Wednesday, 14 November, Twitter has pictures...


Reuters: Technology 5G will “take” only a few years after launch

The first smartphones with support for 5G can appear as early as 2020, but to establish itself on the market


Steve Wozniak: Steve jobs would be proud of Apple

13 Nov Steve Wozniak gave an interview to CNBC in which he expressed his attitude to Apple, and noted that Steve jobs would be pleased with the activities of the...


Apple refuses to use “bangs” in the displays of their devices

Apple is preparing to introduce the new design of the displays, which will soon be implemented on all gadgets Corporation. A patent describing the style of screens for future devices,...


Benjamin Gaskin the disclosed features and price of the “budget” Samsung Galaxy Lite S10

Insider Benjamin Gaskin revealed details about the future of “affordable” flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. The device is equipped with dual primary camera and 6 gigs of RAM. Data about...


Ming-Chi Kuo expects the decline in sales of the iPhone XR

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new report that he changed his expectations for iPhone shipments XR in 2019. Other analysts since the beginning of November talking about low demand...


1000 and 1 way to sleep with a stolen iPhone

The English media are full of advertisements about the missing Apple technology, because many owners are very attached to their devices and for them the loss of a smartphone or...


Why Apple needs to release its fitness bracelet. It’s time to make the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Band 4 Honor

Paul Gorodnitsky is about how Apple can break into the market, which frankly is rotten. The strategy of Tim cook in the Apple are obvious: the top Manager gradually destroys...


MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro 2018 2017: full comparison

New MacBook Air submitted on October 30, received a complete redesign and looks more like the low-end model MacBook Pro. The editors of the portal decided to compare the...


Nomad released the perfect leather case for AirPods

Renowned accessory maker has released the Nomad genuine leather case for AirPods, which not only will protect the easily scratched case for charging, but will give it personality. Rugged Case...


For that you need to respect Samsung. Legendary Galaxy Note curved screens and a minimum “Bang”

Paul Gorodnitsky about what has become Apple’s main rival over the past 10 years. Now this is weird to say, but Apple naturally save the Samsung phones from stagnation and...


Apple is planning to abandon the LCP antennas

The Apple company is planned to be from the use of antennas with the technology zhidkometallicheskih polymer (LCP) and replace them with the modified polyimide device (MIP) in 2019. This...

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