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Presented a new concept of the iPhone 8 with a frameless design and a built-in display Touch ID

The network has already published a huge variety of concepts of the iPhone 8. Today, designers Thiago M Duarte and Ron Avni presented his vision of the jubilee flagship, based...



Samsung and LG are concerned about Apple’s plans to abandon OLED in favor of the micro-LED in the Apple Watch and iPhone

This year, Apple will start mass production of displays of a new type known as the micro-LED, which appears first in the Apple Watch Series 3 and later will be...



Apple violated the rights of consumers in Holland, exchanging a defective iPad the new the restored

A court in the Netherlands ruled that Apple violated the law on protection of consumer rights, providing the client with a restored iPad tablet, used, in exchange for a new...



The head called the Powermat wireless charging “a standard feature in the next iPhone”

Rumors that the next-generation iPhone will receive support wireless charging has gained grounds after the Apple at the beginning of 2017 has joined the Consortium wireless electromagnetic energy (Wireless Power...



Another source reported that iPhone 8 will be released with a big delay and will remain in deficit until 2018

The network has already appeared rumors that the new high end Apple smartphone may be delayed and not to go in September. The day before this was written by analyst...



8 features that will allow iPhone 8 easily surpass the Samsung Galaxy S8

This year, Apple will show the world your new anniversary flagship iPhone 8 with display “edge to edge” and support for wireless charging. The device is designed to compete with...



Chinese loan: what are the risks of buying goods on AliExpress

Monday, April 24 AliExpress opened for the Russians the opportunity to make purchases in installments and credit. While a loan only available to sellers section of the “Mall”, but after...



The fourth beta version of macOS Sierra 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2 and tvOS 10.2.1 is available for download

Apple released along with iOS 10.3.2 beta 4 the fourth test build ma



Samsung Galaxy S8 saved on the key functions of a smartphone

The first sales of the smartphone Galaxy S8 confirm that the devices were very popular and one of the most functional models on the market. But gadgets could be even...



Why iPhone 7 fell in Russia by 33%

iPhone 7 in Russia fell by 33% from the original price. Such data results in the analytical Department of Hi-Tech Mail, who conducted monitoring of the retail market. So the...



KGI: iPhone 8 release delayed until October-November due to problems with the supply of major components

The beginning of sales iPhone 8 this year will be postponed due to delays with the start of mass production of components for the new smartphone. This was reported by...



Apple has patented a device in the form of a scroll with a collapsible OLED display

Apple last week has patented “an electronic device with a sliding display,” which resembles an ancient scroll. The screen of a mobile device is wound on two parallel rod. Patent...



The police said, how to return the parcel with stones instead of iPhone seller

Buyers of the online stores have the right to return a parcel with sand and stones instead of iPhone or fake gadget, on opening the parcel when the postman. It...



Bill gates forbade his children to use smartphones

The head of Microsoft and the richest man in the world bill gates forbade his children to use smartphones to 14 years. His example is followed by many leaders of...



What do you expect from AirPods second generation?

Apple AirPods wireless headphones, which debuted late last year, outperform their competitors. “Apple” product is not only cheaper than similar models from other manufacturers, but much more practical and better...

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