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Customs officials at Vnukovo airport seized an illegal party iPhone almost on one million roubles [video]

Customs officials at Vnukovo airport detained a Russian citizen of illegal party iPhone flew from Dubai to Moscow. As reported in the press service, a Russian citizen, who arrived from...



Announced the prices of Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ in Russia

Samsung has opened pre-order in Russia for new smartphones Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+. Presentation of new products took place on March 29 in new York. Samsung Galaxy S8...



Released the first public beta of iOS 10.3.2

Apple has released the first public beta of iOS 10.3.2, who recently debuted for developers. The update came two days after the public release of iOS version 10.3. Size iOS...



Manufacturers of Swiss watches not compete with Apple Watch

Leading players in the market of watches, such as TAG Heuer, Montblanc and rolex, one after another announced their own “smart” model that combines mechanics and digital technology. Among the...



Donald trump, calling to boycott Apple switched from Android to iPhone

The US President Donald trump, during the election campaign calling on Apple to organize a boycott and not buy its products until, until she agrees to cooperate with the FBI,...



Another reason to buy red iPhone 7

Last week Apple released a new red iPhone 7, differing from its predecessors only by its color. Any other advantages of the novelty are not, and this caused a lot...



Apple registered a new patent to integrate fingerprint scanner into a smartphone display

Apple has been steadily moving toward the complete rejection of the classic Home button on the iPhone and iPad, and turning the mechanical key in the touch in the current...



Performance test of iOS iOS 10.3 and 10.2.1. Faster whether APFS?

On Monday, Apple released final version iOS 10.3. The company decided not to publicize that the basis of the updated OS is a completely new file system Apple File System....



The 8 best new features that has appeared on your iPhone in iOS 10.3

In the announcement the updates of the iOS operating system 10.3, which debuted on Monday, March 27, Apple said not all functions of this release. There were several non-obvious features...



Samsung has officially announced the return at the sale of smartphones Galaxy Note 7

Samsung officially announced that it intends to begin selling a modified version of the Galaxy Note 7, the production of which was stopped due to numerous cases of explosion. This...



Red iPhone 7 passed the test for resistance to fire [video]

Watching the experiments of some bloggers with the Apple gadgets may become a shame for the real fans of “Apple” technique that failed to get scarce device. Such a spectacle...



“The messenger” has started the sale of red iPhone 7 in Russia

“The messenger” has started exclusive sales of the iPhone 7 in a red case. Model (PRODUCT)RED are available for order in the online store of the company, and their price...



The U.S. and Britain has banned carrying of gadgets in airplanes because of the iPad disguised as a bomb

The information that the intelligence agencies failed to prevent the explosion on Board the aircraft bomb disguised as an iPad, has forced the authorities of the US and the UK...



Three easy ways to free up space on iPhone

Lack of free space for storing content — a common issue for all smartphone users. Hundreds of users expressed their outrage on Twitter at the beginning of the year, when...



Top 10 most anticipated features in iOS 11

Every year since the release of the iPhone in 2007, Apple released a new version of the mobile software platform. So it will happen in 2017: in early June we...

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