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The next two years Apple will equip the iPhone 7 nm processors

The new Director TMS is the only manufacturer of processors for the iPhone, spoke about the company’s plans and about the increase in production capacity, says DigiTimes. At a technology...


Panasonic has introduced a smartphone for 100 000 RUB, you do not want to buy

Company Panasonic introduced a pocket computer FZ-T1, which actually is a smartphone with a weak specifications and is 100 thousand. Panasonic insists that it’s a pocket computer, not a smartphone....


How to configure group notifications in iOS 12

Group notifications – one of the major innovations of iOS 12, which greatly simplifies the work with the smartphone. 9to5Mac tells how to set up a new feature at their...


GarageBand for Mac has received support for new sounds and free lessons

Apple has updated GarageBand for Mac to version 10.3. In the program there are new sounds, effects and free lessons on instruments. In the new version of GarageBand was added...


YouTube has provided new ways to monetize video

Today at the VidCon managers, YouTube announced a new way to monetize video. It is reported AndroidPolice. In recent years, many videomaker on YouTube suffer from adpocalypses – mass demonetization...


Unmanned vehicle “Yandex” for one day drove 780 kilometers

The Command “Yandex.Taxi” told about the first long distance travel of an unmanned vehicle, which is developed in the company. 99% of the way the car drove itself. Test car...


Voice assistant, Google has learned to keep the conversation going

On the evening of 21 June 2018 the Google blog there was a record dedicated to the new Google Assistant. Intelligent assistant has learned to carry on a conversation without...


AppleScript: How to open new Windows in Safari with one click

Show you how to use AppleScript to launch new Windows in Safari. In macOS, there is one annoying feature in dealing with a large number of Windows. Icons in the...


iOS 11.4 can break the camera on any iPhone

In iOS 11.4 has been added to the synchronization messages, iCloud and AirPlay support 2. But beyond that, the system appeared new bugs, writes iPhone Hacks. Twitter users began to...


AirPower will not be released until September. The Apple engineers had to solve a lot of problems

Apple announces AirPower in September 2017 and promised that they will release it in 2018. Since then, the company didn’t say anything about the delivery of AirPower. Bloomberg found out...


Apple warns not to install the jailbreak

Apple from the very beginning of the emergence of jailbreak has forbidden him to do. Now the company has added a page on the support site that lists all the...


tvOS 12 Beta 2 allows you to select the HomePod as the main sound source

Reddit users have discovered one useful change in the second beta tvOS 12. Now Apple TV allows you to select the column HomePod as a permanent source of the sound....


Apple wants to turn your iPhone into a car key

The car connectivity consortium, one of whose members is Apple, announced the release of the new standard “digital key” that will open the locks and start the engine with NFC...


Samsung has patented a smartphone with two screens

Samsung received a patent for a smartphone with edge-to-edge screen on the front and a small display in the back. Probably what the designers see a future Galaxy Note. According...


Instagram has reached one billion users

20 Jun guide Instagram announced that the social network is now used by one billion people. This is not the limit. In September 2017 she still had 800 million users,...

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