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On sale covers for the new iPhone

A Reddit user noticed the store Wallmart protective cases for iPhone with the diagonal of the display of 6.1 and 6.5 inches. In a large American retail network there cases...


In the Apple News will be subscribed to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post

Apple is in talks on cooperation with the largest news agencies in the US, reports Recode. Earlier this year Apple acquired the service for the dissemination of digital magazines Texture....


Apple Music got a cosmetic upgrade

Now the information about the works of an artist is divided into categories, easier to read than before. Earlier albums the musicians had no division, be it the main album...


Apple will raise the price of the Apple Watch, AirPods and charger

In connection with the forthcoming increase in import duties on goods from China, prices for some Apple products to rise sharply, reports The Verge. Apple said that the planned increase...


Nokia will release a smartphone with five cameras

Global HMD creates a Nokia smartphone with five cameras on the back side. The photo of the future flagship, published by the Verge. The rear camera of the new smartphone...


Qualcomm’s lawyers forgot about the evidence against Apple

The judge rejected the evidence of Qualcomm, which have been used against Apple. Lawyers Qualcomm just forgot about them, reports 9to5Mac. The trial between Apple and Qualcomm is at the...


Anti-adware No. 1 from the Mac App Store, steals user data

A popular application that is part of a top list of the Mac App Store, suspected of stealing history of users ‘ browsers. However, the Adware Doctor occupies the first...


Happy birthday, iPod nano

7 Sep 2005, Steve jobs introduced the iPod nano. On this day, exactly 13 years ago, the founder of Apple announced the smallest player in the company. “iPod nano is...


No one knows the exact price of the new iPhone

A hot topic of debate among analysts Apple is prices on three models of the iPhone, which the company will announce next week. Previously surfaced leak, assuming the price of...


Google has sent out invitations to the presentation of the Pixel 3

Last Thursday the company announced the distribution of invitation letters to a special event where they will present their new devices. Google, for three years, every fall a presentation, where...


European authorities have approved the deal Apple and Shazam

The European Commission has authorized Apple to buy the service for identifying music Shazam, reports MacRumors. The audit of the transaction, the authorities of the European Union said that the...


Apple has patented a system with artificial intelligence to recognize pedestrians

Apple wants to use artificial intelligence to detect obstacles in front of the car in poor visibility. This is stated in a new patent application that was published by Patently...


Uber will track emergency during the trip

The Uber app will feature Ride Check, which will monitor the emergency situation and help in case they occur. Using smartphone sensors such as GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope, Uber will...


macOS is in the details: How to use full screen mode and Split View

Application scenarios of full-screen or multiwindow mode quite a lot. They simplify the work with several applications simultaneously. For example, you can open Safari and in parallel to work with...


6.1-inch iPhone will come in red, white and blue colors

A week before presentation 6.1-inch iPhone appeared on the Internet pictures of him in red, blue and white colors, according to Slashleaks. Apple is hoping that new colors will help...

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