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75% of people prefer to work on iOS instead of Android, 72% Mac instead of the PC

The study showed that the companies in most cases prefer to use iOS devices and computers running macOS. The company Jamf develops solutions for educational institutions and the private companies...


Smartphones Xiaomi overtook online sales iPhone

In March 2018 for the first time Xiaomi took first place in the Russian market of smartphones by online sales, according to “Vedomosti”. According to “Vedomosti”, Xiaomi has taken a...


Published the first photos of iPhone glass SE 2

On Chinese social network Weibo were seen photo of the new iPhone SE in the glass body. The images were discovered by the Czech website Letemsvetem. The most notable innovation...


Intel will supply 70% of modems for iPhone in 2018

Intel plans to provide 70% of the modems to the iPhone range in 2018, according to the unknown source of Fast Company. It is assumed that the remaining part will...


In the App Store now you can instantly update your account

In the app store, Apple has the opportunity to immediately transfer into the account a certain amount of money. In the user account appeared in the App Store tab “to...


Roskomnadzor may disable the updates of applications and operating systems

War of Roskomnadzor and Telegram could escalate into a widespread lock of app updates in the App Store and Google Play. As reported by telegram-channel “Nesigur”, RCN sent out to...


Than the Chinese software for the Mac is different from American and European

In the US and Europe, developers are moving away from full-fledged apps in favor of web services. In China, the situation is reversed, and the approach of the East is...


Now Snapchat will be able to play AR games video

The company Snap announced the project Snappables. This is a new mask, which contain various game mechanics. And they are each forced to look ridiculous. These games in augmented reality...


iOS 11 installed on 76% of compatible devices

According to information on the Apple website for developers, iOS 11 installed on 76% of all compatible models iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: 11% more than in the beginning of...


Hackers have created a master key to a million hotel rooms

Anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel knows what a magnetic lock and card key to him. According to ZDNet, these things are not as safe as it seems....


Google has redesigned Gmail and introduced new task Manager

Google has redesigned Gmail added new features and introduced Google Tasks. The app can be downloaded and updated Gmail we have to wait. The updated Gmail has a new privacy...


Apple may change the name of its iPhone models in 2018

Analyst Robert Cihra suggests that Apple could significantly change the name of iPhone models in 2018. This writes Appleinsider. In 2017, Apple missed the iPhone 7s, and immediately introduced the...


NVIDIA introduced a new tool for photo recovery

NVIDIA has developed an algorithm that can recover the missing pieces of the photographs, according to Engadget. It works on the basis of deep learning. The NVIDIA tool analyzes the...


6.5-inch X iPhone may, will support iPen

Despite the fact that Steve jobs was a staunch opponent of styluses, Apple products seem to not be able to go without them. BGR reports that one of the models...


We recommend the game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The universe of Harry Potter has been recently upgraded with a new mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Jam City Studio in collaboration with Warner Bros. released the game, the...

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