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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will receive dual selfie camera in the corner of the display

After the conference Samsung for developers, which presented new options for the placement of the front camera, the network began to appear numerous renderings of possible smartphones. Now the Internet...


What to give the owner of iPad Pro in the New year

Technology company Apple has always been a great gift for any occasion. And the upcoming new year is no exception. Talk about how you can please the owner of the...


Evoland 2 is the most versatile game for iOS and not only

Over the past few years the App Store was overflowing with free-to-play games, which also require a constant Internet connection. A large part of them is infinite farm or network...


Apple does not know how to impose on users iPhone XR

Apple continues to promote a campaign for replacing your old iOS smartphone iPhone XR. This time with the help of the best apps in the section “Today” in the App...


Apple hired CEO, Mango Health for the development of products in healthcare

Apple recently hired the General Director of Mango Health Jason Oberfest. His app helps users track and take timely medication. According to a report by CNBC, Apple has hired Oberfest...


The people of China will be able to purchase a HomePod at the beginning of 2019

Apple is expanding its sales HomePod. Today, 6 December, the Corporation announced that the Chinese people will be able to purchase a smart column in the beginning of next year...


What if Siri stopped recognizing Commands

Some iOS users began to report problems with access to commands Siri – a voice assistant they simply do not recognize. Apple has not yet commented on the situation, but...


Apple is working on interchangeable AirPods with biometric sensors

AirPods are the best wireless headphones in its class, but Apple has not updated the device for more than two years. In a new patent application, which was approved today,...


Tumblr has removed all adult content for a boycott of Apple

The moderators of Tumblr has blocked all “adult” content. About it employees of the company said in an official blog platform. Such a radical change in the management policy related...


Users complain of poor camera MacBook Air 2018

In the October presentation, Apple announced that the new MacBook Air in 2018 equipped with a FaceTime camera with a resolution of 720p, but some users have reported the discrepancy...


Preparing for the New year with Memoji

This summer Apple introduced Memoji – a tool for creating various animated characters, copying the facial expression of the user on iPhone or iPad with the TrueDepth camera. Tell how...


Top 5 free games in the App Store

Talk about five games that you can buy in the App Store for free Dec 2, 2019. Blobula Regular price Blobula is 459 rubles, but December 2, 2019 can be...


Apple Music are 56 million people

According to the Financial Times, Apple Music has 56 million users. This is six million more than in may 2018. However, the growth rate of the service behind the nearest...


Myths about iPhone XR, which turned out to be wrong

When Apple introduced the iPhone XR, in a network there was a lot of negative reviews. Many have criticized the smartphone for thick frames, IPS-display, single-camera and more. We have...


Facebook is developing flexible robots that move and act like living organisms

At Facebook there are several open positions for graduate students in the field of soft robotics. New employees need to create robots that move and act like real animals. According...

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