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New NVIDIA graphics cards can handle 8K video in real time

In everyday life, few processes video at a resolution of 8K (7680×4320), but many films and videos on YouTube are shot in this format. NVIDIA together with the manufacturer of...


In OneDrive there is an automatic backup of important files

Microsoft has released a new feature to protect your important folders in OneDrive for Windows 10. Because of this the documents, pictures, and desktop folder will be automatically saved in...


Happy birthday, iMac!

Twenty years ago Apple released the first iMac — one of the most iconic personal computers in history. August 15, 1998 Apple released the new colorful iMac G3. One of...


Loop disease — a critical issue with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Experts iFixit found a problem in the old iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which the device may completely fail. The problem is called “loop disease”. Failures in the iPhone...


Sale HomePod failed

Brand column, Apple has failed to conquer the market. Sales were lower than expected. Some analysts predicted HomePod success, and many thought its obviously a failed product. Until right that...


On the Apple website there is a new vacancy with an intriguing description

Apple is looking for engineers to build a new device that is associated with health. Judging by the job description, Apple needs a specialist that can help in the development...


Siri will finally learn to recognize different voices

At least, Apple is counting on it. The engineers of the Corporation is already working on how Siri should respond to the statements of different people, and as a voice...


Nvidia showed a purported GPU RTX 2080 in a short teaser

During the latest months Nvidia has repeatedly fueled the public interest in the new generation of GeForce. Today, the company released a teaser with clues as to the name GPU....


Unique accessories for iPhone

Often when purchasing a smartphone, consumers tend to buy the unit with maximum memory, and consultants shops trying to impose on us additional accessories – covers, films and safety glass....


Apple advised developers to sell their apps by subscription

Apple wants developers to sell their apps, and leased to eventually earn more. The company Tim cook arranged a secret meeting in new York last year, where its employees tried...


Repost Instagram is a simple way to save a photo from Facebook

How often each of us are faced with the fact that Instagram like a picture, or video, and would like to save it, but the social network doesn’t provide this...


Firefox for iPhone received a major update

In Firefox 13 for iOS is a full dark theme as well as a convenient search, tabs. Interfaces in dark colors is the trend of the second half of 2018,...


Head of Samsung confirmed the release bendable smartphone soon

Executive Director Samsung Electronics Co Dong-Jin confirmed the release of the smartphone in a new form factor, and also commented on the plight of the company on the market. Over...


Three new iPhone shown on video

For several years Apple can’t hide from users the design of future smartphones. This time also failed. Now anyone can order a full-size model iPhone X new generation X iPhone...


Apple has released the seventh beta version of iOS 12, tvOS 12, macOS Mojave and watchOS 5

A week later after the release of the sixth preview builds of operating systems, Apple has released the seventh beta version for developers. In the description of the upgrades as...

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