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Samsung received a patent for the breathalyzer in stylus

Samsung received a patent for a built-in breathalyzer in a stylus. It was approved by the American Agency. The stylus will be located the sensor, which can also be used...



On Nintendo sued due to the detachable controller

The company is accused of stealing a detachable gamepad Joy-Con on Nintendo Switch and also require you to pay damages and suspend sales of the console. The Gamevice company engaged...



Apple invests in future technology

Apple has increased funding for the Department of research and development. For new projects that focus on driverless cars and augmented reality, the company has spent three billion euros for...



The international trade Commission is investigating US charges Apple of violating patents Qualcomm

The international trade Commission of the United States began to consider a case on violation of Apple products, patents, Qualcomm, and the latter’s request to ban the import of iPhone...



Apple will allow you to hide the screen from prying eyes

Apple is developing technology that will allow users to adjust the viewing angle of the screen of their iPhone, iPad or Mac The new technology will allow you to limit...



iOS app for remote control Apple TV was the reason for the new patent trial

Apple is once again faced with charges of violation of foreign patents. This time the reason for the dispute was the iOS app for remote control of Apple TV. Texas-based...



Apple has failed to withdraw the trial because of disabling FaceTime on the iPhone obsolete

Apple was unable to prove to the court that has disabled FaceTime on old iPhone the best of intentions, pushing users to buy new smartphones. According to the publication Reuters,...



Apple paid Nokia $2 billion for patent infringement

Apple has transferred the first payment to Nokia, starting to execute the license agreement that the parties came a few months ago. As we learned from the quarterly financial report...



Apple gets patent on augmented reality glasses

Apple several years working on the technology of augmented reality, without disclosing any details of the application of research in practice. That Corporation continues to develop in this direction, evidenced...



Wireless charging the iPhone 8!

As usual, ahead of the release of the next smartphone from Apple the ubiquitous insiders are trying to merge in the network information about the new product in advance. Not...



Apple will pay $506 million for patent infringement the University of Wisconsin

According to the publication Reuters, U.S. district judge William Conley (William Conley) increased the size of the fine, which must pay Apple for patent infringement of the University of Wisconsin...



Apple spent more on lobbying a record $3.6 million for the six months presidency, trump

From April 1 to June 30, 2017, Apple has spent $2.2 million on lobbying laws in Washington. This is a record for the company amount, which exceeded $1.4 million that...



Yes, Apple will likely bring the release of the iPhone 8. So what?

One of the main mysteries of the year was and still is the iPhone 8. And specifications of the device and its key features has long been a matter of...



Apple HomePod can become wireless charging for iPhone 8

In June at WWDC, Apple introduced “smart” column with the HomePod. Unlike the rest of the competition is primarily the acoustic system with high-quality sound, and then home help. According...



Samsung, Google and Microsoft asked not to ban iPhone sales in the US

Organization Computer & Communications Industry Association, which unites major IT companies, including Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Amazon and Facebook, was on the side of Apple in litigation with Qualcomm. The organization...

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