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Apple registered a new patent to integrate fingerprint scanner into a smartphone display

Apple has been steadily moving toward the complete rejection of the classic Home button on the iPhone and iPad, and turning the mechanical key in the touch in the current...



Apple has won a court case, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, accusing it of copying the iPhone design

Court confrontation between Apple and Samsung lasts for more than six years. Initially one of the main claims of copertina lay in the fact that the Galaxy S was similar...



Whether Apple followed by Windows manufacturers to release a MacBook with built-in LTE modem? [poll]

Undoubtedly, most users choose a MacBook because of their compact size, handy and user-friendly operating system. As a rule, the owners of portable Apple computers prefer to work in the...



The Apple Watch will disable some functions while driving

Smart watches have become an important part of everyday life of modern people. They are not only used to know time but also to make calls, view notifications, and even...



Apple figured out how to turn your iPhone into a full-fledged laptop

Apple has patented innovative accessory that allows you to turn the iPhone and iPad in the likeness of a MacBook. Mobile device in case laptop play the role respectively of...



Apple has patented a headset that uses the iPhone screen

At points of virtual reality without a doubt has potential. In this a hundred percent sure the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, who has spent a round sum for the...



What will be the next innovative Apple product?

Developer Daniel Eclair wrote an article in which he suggested the next big innovation from Apple. In his opinion, such will be the augmented reality technology: the company is already...



In the network appeared the first photos of headphones the AKG, which will come bundled with the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung plans along with the new flagship Galaxy S8 to provide a model of fully wireless headphones. Confirmation of this information yet, but the network appeared the photographs, which depicted...



AirPods second generation will get built-in biometric sensors

2017 could be the year Apple medical technology. At least, judging by the latest patents registered by the Californian giant. A new document describes the “smart” model of headphones AirPods...



Apple has removed the products from Withings list of recommended HomeKit accessory after the start of litigation with Nokia

Apple was excluded from the list of its partners-manufacturers of devices “smart home” HomeKit, the company Withings on the background of the litigation with Nokia. Bought the last manufacturer of...



Samsung was ahead of Apple in the number of registered patents

Judging by news years, Apple more than other large companies adds to its patent portfolio. However, the reality is somewhat different. According to analysts, the leader in the number registered...



8 iPhone can get a 3D camera like Kinect

Apple has registered in the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States patent entitled “Improved face detection using depth information”. It is noteworthy that earlier this technology was owned by...



The first reaction of Steve jobs at the Genius Bar: “Stupid idea, will never work!”

The founder of company Apple Steve jobs at first was configured categorically against the idea of



Samsung Galaxy S8 will get an “infinite display”

This week was MWC 2017, during which a new image of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the information that the announcement of the flagship will be held March 29 at...



Apple will pay a fine of half a billion dollars

Two years ago the court ordered Apple to pay $533 million to Smartflash, the company for patent infringement. In the course of further litigation, the company from Cupertino managed to...

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