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The Communists proposed to clean up the App Store and Google Play from gambling

The leader of the party “Communists of Russia” Maxim suraykin sent an appeal to the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov to pay attention to the fact that, despite the Russian policy of creating remote gambling zones and ban the operation of online casinos, both leading store Internet apps — App Store and Google Play — have sections “Casino”, in which any user can find a lot of gambling. According to Suraykina, Roskomnadzor has every reason to ask these stores to close sections “Casino” for users from Russia.

Any owner of an iPhone, iPad or Android device can easily find in the App Store or Google Play topics gambling. Inside these sections there is no difficulty to find the hundreds of online slots, apps for games poker apps available online casinos, such as “Volcano”, which, in order to evade Russian law came under foreign jurisdiction. There are in these sections and the application of one of the largest poker rooms in the world “Pokerstars” in which money played by thousands of players from around the world, laments the suraykin.

Most of these applications is free to download, and students can easily make from your mobile phones pocket casino, and eventually after a time, become avid gamers.

“Both data store applications through their mobile devices used by the majority of Russians, apparently, don’t understand Russian law. As in one shop and in another include “Casino”, in which you can find many gambling applications, moreover, most of them anyway need to spend money, — quotes the Deputy Rusplt — It does not fit with our policy of withdrawal of casino in special zones. It would be logical, if Roskomnadzor will make the operators of these app stores to remove sections of gambling, especially because they are easy to use and the Russian children”.

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Stating that gambling has quietly found its place in almost every smartphone or tablet via app stores App Store and Google Play, to date, few thought about it.

“I think you need to check whether there is a violation of the law in their work. Foreign companies working with us must understand that there are Russian laws that are working here, and they must abide,” said the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Vadim Dengin.

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