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How to download Asterix the installer on iOS 10 and iOS 11 without jailbreak

Asterix — unofficial installer application that provides access to a number of modified software, emulatore games and content which is normally present on Cydia. Installation method describes Redmond Pie. Step...



Вышел джейлбрейк Phœnix для iOS 9.3.5

В преддверии релиза iOS 11 хакеры не забыли о более ранних версиях iOS. Разработчики джейлбрейка выпустили эксплоит Phœnix для взлома iOS 9.3.5. Создатели джейлбрейка выложили инструмент для взлома iOS 9.3.5...



How to install FileBrowser on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

File Manager FileBrowser is one of the most advanced in the jailbreak store Cydia. The list of its features provides a large selection of operations for working with files, edit,...



Cyrus Installer for iOS 10 allows you to install tweaks without jailbreak

New app for iOS 10 and iOS 11 is a store tweaks working on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak. The decision to install unofficial applications have received the name of...



How to use iPhone as an electronic key

At the moment, the NFC chip used in the iPhone only for making payments via Apple Pay. But this technology has many possibilities that can be opened for third party...



Cydia’s Creator Jay Freeman: “the Jailbreak is dead”

Since the release of the latest jailbreak for iOS the past almost 12 months. One of the first hackers of the iPhone and the Creator of informal applications store Cydia...



The life and death of the iPhone

Edition Motherboard in honor of the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone published an article about the history of the jailbreak. “Jailbreak” is an unsupported Apple operation, during which the...



AlternateControls 2 allows you to add iOS 10 software style buttons Android

Jailbreak is valued by iPhone and iPad users the ability to customize the interface. While some complain about innovation or the lack of it in iOS, the other can easily...



Came NFCWriter for iOS 10 is a tool that allows to extend the set of NFC features in the iPhone

In may, we spoke about the initiative of rutabajjuka Elias Limneos, who managed to unlock NFC in the iPhone to show all of the possibilities of technology. And now in...



Whether in iOS themes?

When I see on any Android phone themes, the mind immediately have fond memories of Symbian and Nokia. The Nokia 6600 Series 60, Deviantart, mnogogolovy search great savers, they add...



Jailbreak Extra_Recipe received support for new devices and firmware

A few weeks ago jailbreak extra_recipe+yaluX for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Utility extra_recipe created by the developer xerob, supported only the latest flagships of Apple and iOS...



How to turn iOS 10 iOS 11 without waiting for the final release

5 June, Apple introduced iOS 11 – a new version of the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Data release offers hundreds of new features and changes...



How to install on iPhone bar style Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

In the latest generation MacBook Pro appeared interactive touch panel touch Bar, replacing the standard function keys. When any program is not active, it duplicates the standard number keys previous...



How to install the tweak Watusi for WhatsApp on iPhone without jailbreak

With the advent of the messengers, the need for traditional SMS messages have disappeared. We resort to SMS, I guess, only if you need to send word to loved ones...



How to enable guest mode on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

Sometimes the owner of the smartphone or tablet is needed to pass the gadget is for temporary use to another person. But guest mode on iPhone and iPad, on the...

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