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Apple released iTunes 11

As expected, Apple has released a new version of iOS. iOS 11 were a number of interesting and important changes. Some of the new functions necessary for the correct working...


The Apple file system does not support drives Fusion Drive

New file system Apple File System will be available only on a Mac with flash drives. Computers equipped with a hybrid system drives Fusion Drive, will continue to work on...


For Face ID used classic icon Macintosh

Apple brought back the classic icon from the Macintosh system. The icon, which first appeared in the 80-ies, now used for Face ID. The presentation of the new iPhone, Apple...


How and where to watch the presentation of the new iPhone?

Today, 12 September, at 20:00 GMT Tim cook will present the new iPhone. To follow the event in several ways. To view the presentation, you will need a Mac, iPhone,...


Apple TV: Apple TV history

Apple has come a long way from your Macintosh to the TV device, which during the year brought the company $ 1 billion US. MacDigger decided to recall the history...


Google Drive received support APFS to release the file system

Not yet the final version of the latest file system from Apple to see the light, and Google has added its support to the private “cloud” storage Google Drive. Google...


The graphic editor Pixelmator Pro machine learning

The developers claim that the app is written from scratch. The release will be this fall. About it reports The Verge. About plans to release a new image editor for...


Password Manager – the most underrated feature of iOS 11

Thanks to a new feature in iOS 11 you’ll never have to remember passwords for applications and websites. iPhone and iPad after upgrading to iOS 11 will receive analog applications...


Acer Aspire S24, the answer of the iMac processors Kaby Lake

In the framework of the ongoing Berlin international exhibition IFA 2017, the company Acer introduced a new line of candy bars Aspire S24. Solution all-in-one got a ultra-thin FullHD display,...


Apple opened sales of restored 21.5-inch iMac 2017

The turn before the one Apple product that fall in the category of Refurbished. On the website of the company can purchase the 21.5-inch iMac with 15% discount. The guarantee...


Apple loses to Microsoft in a business segment

Apple has long been trying to break into the business with a Mac operating system, but their computers are obviously not suited for business and statistics confirms this. The company...


Mac Mini important for Apple, but it hasn’t updated for 3 years

The last time the computer was updated in October 2014, but Apple still considers it an important product for the company. Mac Mini costs $ 500 in the minimum configuration,...


Apple has decided to finally abandon Final Cut Pro 7

Apple notifies users that stops the support of the seventh generation of Final Cut Pro


Apple released a new version of macOS High Sierra for developers

Today held a mass release test versions of all operating systems of Apple. Was no exception and MacOS High Sierra , received a new build –17A358a. Given that the previous...


Transcend introduced a line of SSDS for MacBook

Nonetheless, the company specializing in the production of Flash memory in various form factors, presented a line of SSDs JetDrive 820 for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. New SSD-equipped PCIe...

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