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Apple has banned apps, names of which include the word “Free” and any other reference prices

Apple began to reject apps for iOS in the title has the word “Free” or other price information name. The corresponding change took effect this week. Previously, Apple has warned...



In iOS 10.3 users were the first to change app icons

One of the improvements iOS 10.3 revealed a new function that is associated with the application icons. Now, developers can give users the ability to change app icons on iPhone...



In iOS 10.3 users now have the ability to put ratings without leaving the application developers to respond to reviews

Along with the release of iOS 10.3 Apple has given developers the ability to reply to users in the App Store and Mac App Store. Monday saw the release of...



Apple released macOS Sierra 10.12.4 for Mac with the new regime Night Shift

After iOS 10.3, watchOS tvOS 3.2 and 10.2, Apple has distributed the final version of macOS Sierra 10.12.4. The upgrade came two months after the start of testing among the...



The U.S. and Britain has banned carrying of gadgets in airplanes because of the iPad disguised as a bomb

The information that the intelligence agencies failed to prevent the explosion on Board the aircraft bomb disguised as an iPad, has forced the authorities of the US and the UK...



Google followed Apple launches the campaign “Free app of the week” in Google Play

Let’s face it, Google and Apple borrow ideas from each other. In a competitive environment, as mentioned some of the classics, everything becomes the same. Here is the App Store...



“Why I’ll never switch to Android and Windows”: the confession of a fan of Apple

MacDigger in the community in “Vkontakte” flashed “Why Apple fans are called a “sect”? This opinion is really popular. But according to the classification of sects Apple — not exactly...



FZ9: Timeshift – the moment

As you know, the shooters on mobile is evil evil, the last stage of a dangerous fall and many unpleasant epithets. And all because of the tight review-dynamics is not...



Android O: everything you need to know the user about the new iOS Google

Now Android is the only operating system that can compete with iOS. This week Google presented the eighth edition of software Android O, which show all the latest achievements of...



LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus and the OnePlus 3T: the battle of the flagships

Last month LG introduced its new high-end smartphone — LG G6. The unit boasts a spacious screen with an unusual aspect ratio of 18:9, the corners of which are rounded,...



iQ Arena – test your knowledge

In the “shelf” mobile Victorine arrived in the App Store with a new application iQ Arena. At first glance, is a classic game with a few twists. However, considering it...



The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Daedric power

Often, very often (always) when the mobile game comes in the line of the famous and popular series, the public is disgusting he’s like, better [insert your own] ported, the...



The Apple Watch will disable some functions while driving

Smart watches have become an important part of everyday life of modern people. They are not only used to know time but also to make calls, view notifications, and even...



Die With Glory is an indie game about the adventures of the Vikings

Die With Glory is reminiscent of the classic games that made our childhood complete. The game seems to want to capture that nostalgic feeling of the good old adventure games...



15 things that “kill” the iPhone

First came the mobile phone, which reduced the need for many other devices. With the release of the iPhone in 2007 began a new era. Now at the peak of...

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