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The return of the legendary Nokia 3310: color screen, incredible autonomy, updated with the “snake”

As expected, in anticipation of the 2016 MWC conference in Barcelona took place the official announcement of the legendary Nokia 3310. The manufacturer has completely revised the design of the...



The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain – cubes or death

You probably can’t tell, but called the Warlock Of Firetop Mountain hides well-known and long-popular brand back in the 80’s came heimbuch with the same name, which instantly became a...



LG G6 has been officially unveiled: 5.7-inch screen with slim frame, double camera, water resistant

In the framework of a special press conference in anticipation of the 2017 MWC, LG introduced its new flagship smartphone LG G6. The novelty is characterized by a large 5.7-inch...



MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL – perfect time killer

So, stop! Yes, right now – stop trying to turn the page. We understand you: I saw a set of letters, “what’s going on”, well, the finger went further –...



10 iOS apps that will be envied Android users

iOS is not only more reliable but also more closed platform. Despite this a large number of games and apps that are not available to users of smartphones and tablets...



Solid Soccer soft football

All kinds futsimov there is one, but the most common problem: they are overly serious. FIFA – a collection of all kinds of sports cliches, peppered with money and licenses;...



Lit the Torch – make a fire

The platformer is a genre so old, dilapidated, worn and copied that to come up with something new in this Titanic difficult. When 25 years rotate this way and that,...



Apple TV 5G: does it have a TV future?

At the beginning of the year, the Network again started talking about the Apple TV is a pretty controversial product, the company from Cupertino. In March, as expected, Apple will...



How to add a control Point iOS 10 hidden mute switch

On three devices with the iOS operating system 10 contains a separate mute switch in control center. But available on the Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini...



Today Steve jobs would have turned 62 years

February 24, 2017, would have turned 62 years old Steve jobs, founder of Apple the most expensive company in history. Jobs had a huge influence on the development of the...



Apple hands out free Nightgate is a futuristic puzzle game from the makers of the Last Voyage

Every week Apple picks the best app in the App Store and is offering it as a free download. Today this can be downloaded Nightgate great puzzle game for iPhone...



The creators of “Futurama” announced the mobile game based on the popular animated series

The animated series “Futurama” aired on Fox since 1999. The project became one of the hits of the early 2000s, gathering a huge audience of fans. Despite the closure of...



5 popular myths about Steve Jobs

Buyers of Apple products attracts not only quality equipment, but charisma founder Steve jobs. It was very interesting to watch throughout his career. February 24, Steve jobs would have turned...



New keyboard Apple for Mac users envy Windows

A key innovation in the MacBook pros was an added touch-a touch-screen located above the keyboard. Panel Touch Bar are various tools. The panel is fully customizable and its contents...



iPhone 8 will be a revolutionary function that does not exist in any Android smartphone

Rumors of 5.8-inch iPhone 8, which Apple will release this fall, argue that the device will receive a frameless OLED display and a new 3D camera, which will replace the...

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