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Microsoft said that Windows 10 is five times more popular than macOS

According to official data, worldwide there are about 100 million active Mac users. Microsoft in a recent interview said that the number of Windows 10 users exceeds 500 million. Taking...



Apple fans said that they hate the most in the company’s products

It is no secret that Apple’s most loyal users. Samsung produces a lot of different devices, simultaneously making fun of Apple fans that, in its opinion, will you buy any...



How to update macOS with one command in the Terminal

The update of the Mac operating system means the App Store is about 30-40 minutes. Not many people know that an update can be performed much faster and use the...



Promsvyazbank launched a support payment system Apple Pay

Cardholders of Mastercard PSB has become available payment system Apple Pay. This is stated in the message of the credit organization. “Connecting Apple Pay is one of the most anticipated...



The photographer called 5 reasons to abandon the MacBook in favor of a Windows laptop

Photographer Manny Ortiz explained why he chose the Dell XPS 15 instead of a MacBook Pro to work with photos and videos. According to him, he was looking for something...



The same, but one and a half times cheaper. Why purchase a restored MacBook Pro?

The latest Apple products are exorbitant money. But, what if you take an older model, restored company? Most of last year’s devices, especially the Macs, are ideal for virtually any...



“The kid on the drive” mounted directly on the set on 15-inch MacBook Pro

Mounting cart, travel trailer on the set, working on the side of the road: what to expect the editor with a 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is forced to be on...



Asus introduced the laptop almost as thin as MacBook Pro, but more powerful and cheaper

Asus has announced the start of sales of laptops ROG Zephyrus. According to the manufacturer, ROG Zephyrus — the thinnest gaming laptop with graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. The...



Apple launched the campaign ‘Back To School’ 2017: buy a Mac and get a Beats headphones for 21 500 rubles

As we expected, a few months before the start of the new school year, Apple launched the campaign Back to School. The company’s goal is to sell products to pupils...



Can iPhone 8 cost 100 000?

This year Apple will impress users not only design, but also price next-generation iPhone. Can iPhone 8 cost $1200-1400, how to write close to the company sources? The closer the...



How to install a bar-style Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro on Android

Around TouchBar in the new MacBook Pro was a lot of noise even before the release of laptops. After Apple introduced laptops with touch panel, entusiasti started to port this...



Why the Thunderbolt Display can’t charge MacBook and MacBook Pro

One of the readers of Macworld online has addressed in edition with a question about Thunderbolt Display and the new MacBook Pro. Steve Dvorak asked why a MacBook Pro last...



7 reasons why the MacBook Air better than any Windows laptop in its segment

In June, Apple introduced an improved line of laptops, including a revamped MacBook Air. The latter has received a minimal update in the form of a new processor – Intel...



Still the best: iPhone 8 showed the video all the details

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows iPhone 8 compared to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Jubilee novelty was much more compact 5.5-inch smartphone, despite the larger...



The secrecy Apple: do users need surprises?

Every large Corporation has a unique internal culture. The corporate culture of Apple can be quite accurately described by the word “paranoid”, writes The management of the company so...

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