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Microsoft translator for iOS was offline and the extension to translate websites in Safari

Microsoft translator for Apple’s mobile devices, learned how to perform the translation without connection to the Network and has mastered the translation of web sites directly in Safari. Access to new application functionality is in the version 2.13.

The basis of the Translator is a neural network trained on millions of sentences taken from the world wide web. In Microsoft noted that the quality of the translations of the updated program “comparable” with online samples. Competing the Google Translate application can translate the text (including the photos) offline, but the iOS version requires an active Internet connection.

Translator allows you to translate any website with one of the available languages directly in the browser. It’s enough to open the standard toolbar to “Share” in Safari and select the “Microsoft Translator” (first button you want to include in the “More” section). After that, Safari will translate the whole page to the selected language.

Microsoft Translator for iOS supports 43 languages (including Russian). The software “weighs” a little, about 60 MB, but each language pack will take about 250 MB of memory.

It is written by the user, the phrase may Microsoft Translator, translating, to utter with a voice synthesizer, and display large, easily readable font on the screen. The novelty will be useful to travellers who do not speak the language of the visited country. In addition, the app will help you remember the basic expressions in the target language. The most common phrases you can add to favorites for regular use.

Download Microsoft Translator for iPhone and Apple Watch can free this link.

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