Recovered iMacs are 15% cheaper than new ones.

If you want to buy an iMac and save on this, we have good news for you. This week, Apple began selling the restored iMac 2019 model year. interesting                            Analysts: sales of new iPhones will disappoint everyone                   Apple abandoned 12-inch MacBook For now, iMac 2019 with Refurbished can only be […]


Altai keyboard will appear on Apple gadgets & nbsp

Acting Governor of the Republic of Altai, Oleg Khorokhordin, informed that the authorities will help develop an application that will use Altai language on the Apple gadget keyboard. It is known that now the Altai keyboard can be installed on the gadgets of the Windows operating system, macOS, Linux and Android. However, Altai developers have […]

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MacOS: return “Save as…”

In recent versions of macOS, Apple has replaced the function “Save as…” to “Duplicate”. Now instead of having to select the location and specify the name of the file, the operating system creates a duplicate in the same folder with the ending of “copy” in the file name. For many Mac users the ability to […]

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Apple transplanted the world with notebooks on the iPad. Get ready for it now

Paul Gorodnitsky – the inevitable revolution which will turn the company from Cupertino. AirPods – gadget that most clearly demonstrates the greatness and influence of the modern Apple. Two years ago wireless headphones had been cumbersome, inconvenient and expensive, and even among them, there was no clear leader. Now an epidemic of people walking around […]