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Why I hate Facebook

I like the content that I publish are my friends on Facebook. But every time I open the application starts torture, after which I make a decision in the next...


iFixit found in the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro extra protection from dust and crumbs

On the new MacBook found a protective silicone membrane that should prevent the ingress of dust and crumbs in the keyboard, reports The Verge. Specialists iFixit disassembled 15-inch MacBook Pro...


Apple no longer sells the MacBook Pro 2015

Simultaneously with the presentation of the 2018 MacBook Pro, Apple stopped sales of the MacBook Pro 2015. This was the last MacBook Pro with a normal keyboard and all the...


Apple in conjunction with Blackmagic Design introduced external graphics card for MacBook Pro

Along with the new MacBook Pro, Apple released an external graphics card eGPU. It was developed in cooperation with Blackmagic Design, reports The Verge. 2017 at WWDC Apple announced that...


Chrome brand new design is available for testing

This week Google introduced a new interface in Chrome Canary for testers. Now everyone can look at the future of the most popular browser on the planet, according to Thurrott....


MacBook Air, Mac Mini and two more devices that need to recall Tim cook

Gadgets that Apple can earn a lot of money, but left without proper attention. Between July and August — probably the most popular time for vacations the top management of...


The App Store was 10 years. Remember what happened with the store during this time

July 10, 2008, the day before the release of the iPhone 3G, Apple introduced the App store, which has changed the concept of smartphones and apps. Before the launch of...


Why iPhone X may be the first step to creating points Apple

Designer Leonardo Pocmatos suggested, how could Apple look glasses that support augmented reality and camera TrueDepth. Spoiler: very strange. According to the designer, based on points would be the design...


Why Apple doesn’t change iOS

Five years ago Apple introduced iOS 7. It was the most massive system update, which completely changed its design. Many are waiting for the moment when Apple once again update...


Apple announced that the first MacBook Pro with Retina display obsolete

Six years after the release of the first MacBook with Retina display, Apple has recognized his legacy, reports MacRumors. This means that the authorized service centers of Apple are not...


How will look iPhone 9

Recently, the designer Jonas Dahnert published a new concept of the future smartphone Apple. He’s not the first person to submit it to the iPhone X, but in fact it...


Stockholm residents will discuss the plan of building a new Apple Store

Until 12 September 2018 the residents of Stockholm have the opportunity to Express their opinions about plans of Apple to build the fourth in Sweden’s corporate store. The discussion will...


Samsung developing a flexible battery foldable smartphone

The Next Web writes that Samsung will add a foldable flexible mobile battery. The company is already developing prototypes on 3000 and 6000 mAh.


Output Surface Phone postponed indefinitely

According to rumors, Microsoft has decided to suspend work on a secret project Andromeda. An unnamed source reported that the manufacturer of Windows decided not to include in the update...


The more Apple the better

Over the weekend Apple’s retail network was enlarged by three more of the original stores. Pics opening ceremonies convey the atmosphere of celebration and innovation. “Exciting weekend for Apple in...

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