In iOS 13 found the date of the announcement of the iPhone 11

iOS 13 has not yet been released, but is available in beta. By the way, the seventh assembly was released. Something curious was discovered in her. Image from Enthusiasts from the iHelp BR resource studied the iOS 13 beta 7 code. It turned out that the hint of the iPhone 11 announcement was hidden […]


Bowers & Wilkins Formation – Royal Multiroom!

We all love Bowers & Wilkins at Wylsacom Media: Valya recalls P5 with warmth, Seryozha was generally connected with B&W at his last job, with Vali Tunitsky PX, and Sasha in Zeppelin Wireless's office. Well, I’m still dreaming of receiving a P7 with a Lightning cable as a present, and I’ll get older, I’ll dream […]


Combo Playme P600SG Review

Long time I did not unpack the new Playme! Last time with a couple of Ilyusha Kazakov, when they shot a wonderful movie about our Mini. Much water has flown under the bridge since that time! Already, Ilya and the Mini do not (moved to the new “three” BMW), all new gadgets for the car […]


Blunt Umbrella XS Metro Umbrella Review

It seems that the umbrella does not say that it is a very important thing, but I once got tired of buying umbrellas every season, repairing umbrellas, somehow paying attention to this matter. And I began to look for the iPhone in the world of umbrellas. And then I found the young brand Blunt, bought […]

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“Rostelecom” bankrupted the search engine “Sputnik” because of the debt itself

“Rostelecom” has addressed in court to acknowledge its subsidiary Sputnik bankrupt. The search engine owes the operator 292 million rubles, reported Cnews. At the end of February 2018, “Rostelecom” has addressed in Arbitration court of Moscow to recognize Sputnik bankrupt. The claim was satisfied at the end of may, then in the “Satellite” appeared temporary […]

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5 best apps for travelers

Tell what to download before you leave and time it. Aviasales Perhaps the best assistant in finding tickets for flights in Russia. The biggest base of the airline, high-speed, convenient features to search for the lowest prices. The app even Sapsan train tickets is looking for. Before somewhere to go, you should definitely download Aviasales. […]