iOS 13.2 beta 2 turns iPad into a "brick"

Actual firmware doesn’t hurt anyone? Love for the latest updates is dangerous. Especially in cases with beta versions. The above is well illustrated by iOS 13.2 beta 2. Image from The update was released the other day. But happiness did not last long. It became known that Apple recalled the assembly for tablets (represented […]


                                    What's new in macOS 10.15 Catalina? Full update overview

Good news for many Mac owners. Apple has released the long-awaited macOS 10.15 Catalina. It can already be installed. The list of supported models is quite wide. Image – Jason Hiner / CNET Which computers are compatible? Here is the list: iMac 2012 or later; MacBook 2015 or later; Mac Pro 2013 or later; iMac […]


                                    iOS 13.1.2 is already here. What's new?

Apple has found inspiration. How else to explain such frequent updates? Not everyone installed iOS 13.1.1, and the company released iOS 13.1.2. We will understand what's interesting in the update. Image from The assembly has the number 17A860 and weighs about 100 MB (depending on the device). There are no innovations, but a bunch […]


                                    Apple will make a genius of Siri

Siri is one of the most popular voice assistants. Alas, the "apple" assistant is not considered the smartest. On the contrary. Competitor solutions are much more efficient. Image from However, Apple developers are not sitting idle. Siri is constantly improving. It became known about the introduction of the new "Overton" framework. interesting               […]


                                    Declassified launch date for new iPhone sales

This week, Apple officially announced the date of the announcement of the next generation iPhone – September 10. And the source of the portal MacRumors declassified the timing of the start of sales. interesting                            Alcohol can be bought by showing iPhone                   Health issues to be discussed with Siri A consultant […]


                                    Find My: Apple Launches Accessory for Finding Things

Apple seems to be developing an accessory for finding personal items. A hint of this was discovered by the authors of the portal MacRumors in the internal assembly of iOS 13. interesting                            Alcohol can be bought by showing iPhone                   Apple forbids Siri to answer some questions The internal assembly of […]


                                    Siri is smarter than Alexa, but dumber than Google Assistant

Gene Munster analyst at Loup Ventures has again compared the three most popular mobile voice assistants. Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant took part in the annual test. interesting                            Apple Watch will become titanium. Already in the fall                   Apple Music built into electric Porsche During the test, Gene Munster asked […]


                                    Apple accused of stealing Siri

Apple got into another story. Not the most pleasant. Parus Holdings sued the corporation. What is the Californian giant accused of? Image from Parus Holdings claims that Apple has violated patent number 7076431. The latter is literally described by Siri. Namely – a system for obtaining information from websites using a voice command. Apple […]


Siri caught in the discharge of information about the sexual contacts of users & nbsp

It became known that Apple hires contractors to listen to users' conversations with the voice assistant Siri. A former employee of such a company told reporters that quite often contractors would find out confidential information about the owners of Apple devices, for example, doctors' reports, details of business transactions and even evidence of sexual contacts. […]


                                    Keena will not be: Apple has canceled the release of augmented reality glasses

Rumors that Apple has been working on creating its own augmented reality glasses have been around for several years. They were expected to be ready by 2020 or 2021. But today, bad news has arrived from Asia for those who have been waiting for Apple Glass. interesting                            Apple is developing a new […]


Apple stopped developing smart glasses

Apple has stopped the development of smart glasses with augmented reality, which was rumored to appear next year. Arguments about the "freezing" of the project received edition DigiTimes. news Min-Chi Kuo: Apple will release AR-glasses in 2020 Ilya Kichaev August 16, 2018 Earlier it was reported that the glasses will be an addition to the […]