What is the most buggy version of iOS?

An interesting experiment was conducted by Bloomberg reporters. Experts of the publication revealed the most stable iOS (starting with iOS 7). The results were curious. Image from Bloomberg carefully studied update statistics. They were especially interested in updates that fix bugs. The emphasis was on patches coming out in the first 2 months after […]


Black Friday 2019: selection of discounts and sales

The annual "Black Friday" was a celebration for all shopaholics and shopping enthusiasts. This year it will be held on Friday, November 29, but the date is very conditional, because the discount season has already started in some places. We have collected interesting offers in one article and offer to get acquainted with special promotions. […]


                                    Apple will solve the problem of affordable housing

Apple is one of the largest American investors. It supports not only promising technology startups, but also social projects. So, this week, Apple management announced that the company plans to invest a large amount in the construction of affordable housing in California. interesting                            Unexpectedly, iOS 13.2.2 came out. What's new?           […]


                                    Valve helps Apple create augmented reality headsets

Rumors that Apple is preparing its answer to Google Glass have been around for years. And recently, information on the future Apple gadget has been appearing on the Web more and more often, which indicates the approach of its announcement. So, today the Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes reported that another company will help Apple create […]


                                    HomePod can be hacked with a laser pointer

Is it necessary to protect the column from unauthorized access? The question seems strange. Such gadgets, as a rule, are in the apartment. They are not touched by anyone except the household. Image from Apple did not bother with passwords. Who can harm the HomePod? Alas, the "apple" device is more dangerous than many […]