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N Android vs. iOS 9: 5 features that Google has borrowed from Apple

In March, Google unexpectedly released a preview version of the Android mobile operating system codenamed N designed for developers. However, the private public preview to try out also will be much easier than usual — update you can receive “over the air”.

According to Google, most of the features in the preview version of Android N are designed so they can try out in advance to developers. A specialist company Hiroshi Lockheimer noted that early test versions associated with what the company wants to achieve earlier results from the developers and, therefore, the early release version of the OS for manufacturers.

Google claim that Android N has many new features. However, as you can see, many of them were borrowed from a competing mobile platform.

IOS Split View and multiwindow mode in Android N

N Android became the first operating system from Google with support for multi-window mode. Users will be able to display two different applications at the same time and set convenient window size. This feature appeared on the iPad last year (though it only supports the iPad, Air 2 and above). But unlike iOS, the multi-window mode in Android N will be maintained and smartphones. To access this mode, open the shutter of multitasking, select the app and “drag” the display window up.

Split View in iOS 9

Multiwindow mode in Android N

“Picture in picture” in iOS 9 and Android N

In Android N debuted a new mode “picture in picture”. It can be while using the device to access in the corner of the video screen. The feature has been available on Apple devices with the release of iOS 9.

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Picture-in-picture to iOS 9

Picture in picture in Android N

Night Shift (iOS) and Night Mode (Android)

Night mode Night Mode in Android N is enabled in the display settings. You can also adjust the shades and colors of the display. For example, you can add shades of red that will reduce eye strain. Also you can set the brightness. Night Shift in iOS has become something of an intermediate update version 9.3. Also both the iPhone and iPad Night Mode feature supports automatic switching of modes, depending on the location and time in certain timezone.

Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3

Mode Night Mode in Android N

Quick Reply (iOS) and Direct Reply (Android)

Interface notifications in Android N also received a number of changes. There’s a new way to respond to messages from instant messengers and social networks using banner notifications. In a similar way the notification system in iOS 9. Developers can add to their applications the feature to instantly reply without going into the program itself.

Quick answers in iOS 9

Quick responses in Android N

Notice: grouping by application (iOS) and related notifications (Android)

Android in N appeared the so-called “related notifications”. Like notification Center iOS 9 green robot organizes multiple messages in one card. In addition, in the case of messenger clients or social networks to reply to the message immediately from the notifications window.

Grouping messages in iOS 9 and Android N

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