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Why iPhone 8 – shameless divorce for money

Apple is preparing a gadget that will make millionaires of all of the owners of the workshops for the repair of equipment from Cupertino. The main smartphone of the year...



iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were the most popular smartphones in the world

Last for today the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the second quarter of 2017 became the most popular on the market. The pace of iPhone sales has...



In the network appeared the components of the wireless charging the iPhone 8

In Chinese social network Weibo appeared pictures components of the wireless charging the iPhone 8. We mentioned earlier that are more likely the iPhone 8 will get wireless charging, but...



Apple released 6 beta versions of iOS 11 iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Apple released 6 beta iOS 11 for developers. The system can be installed on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The size of the update for iPhone is around 280 —...



Why OnePlus 5 – the infamous flagship 2017

In Russia officially debuted the OnePlus 5. Avoid this smartphone party. Consider that it does not exist. But if you want the arguments, read on. First, a quick historical digression....



Why Samsung, Xiaomi and Google no threat to Apple in the next year

Ambitious company is terribly behind the Corporation Tim cook. Prospects in sight – and that’s bad. Ten days later, Samsung will introduce a phablet Galaxy Note 8. It will be...



How it will look on the iPhone 11 iOS 8 [video]

The developer revealed on Twitter video of the iOS interface 11 8 on iPhone using iPhone 7 Plus. A Twitter user under the nickname rutherling showed a short video of...



The video showed the iPhone 8 in three colors

Another leak has allowed a closer look at iPhone 8 in three expected colors — silver, black and color “copper gold” (copper gold). The new smartphone from Apple will be...



The blogger published x-ray iPhone 8

We have seen that within the next Apple smartphone. Thanks to inquisitive users who have carefully studied the filling of the Apple software, we already know a lot about the...



Google Pixel 2 на фото и рендерах. Что изменилось?

Google выпустит новые телефоны в ближайшие месяцы. 4 августа стал известен будущий дизайн.  Evan Blass опубликовал в твиттере рендер. Скорее всего, второе поколение смартфонов не будет обладать особенностями флагманов 2017....



Apple выпустила iOS 11 beta 5 для iPhone, iPod touch и iPad

Обновляйте смартфоны и планшеты: айда тестировать iOS 11 beta 5!   Apple выпустила iOS 11 beta 5 – пятую сборку представленной в начале июня операционной системы для iPhone, iPod touch...



5 вещей, которые могут взбесить на сентябрьской презентации Apple

Apple покажет, как нельзя анонсировать смартфоны. Тим Кук стабильно проводит тошнотворные премьеры гаджетов. Он тянет время, сотрясает воздух пустыми прилагательными, приглашает скучных спикеров и в целом делает всё, чтобы зрителям...



RED showed a prototype of its smartphone for $ 1200

In early July, RED announced that it is developing a modular smartphone with a holographic display for $ 1,200. The company invited the famous blogger Marcus Brownlee (MKBHD) and I...



iPhone 7 is the most popular Apple smartphone. It sold better than the previous iPhone

Apple reported for the third quarter of 2017 financial year. In addition to data on sales and profits, Tim cook has shared some facts about the current Apple products. Sold...



Former Vice President of Google prefer the iPhone camera

Former Google Vice President Vic Gundotra (Vic Gundotra) has said that the world has an iPhone, he won’t shoot photos on an Android smartphone. According to Gundotra, Android smartphones can...

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