Altai keyboard will appear on Apple gadgets & nbsp

Acting Governor of the Republic of Altai, Oleg Khorokhordin, informed that the authorities will help develop an application that will use Altai language on the Apple gadget keyboard. It is known that now the Altai keyboard can be installed on the gadgets of the Windows operating system, macOS, Linux and Android. However, Altai developers have […]

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Security researcher revealed macOS exploit for hacking a keychain

Security researcher Linuse Henze shared a video demonstrating macOS Mojave exploit for accessing passwords stored in a keychain. The KeySteal application, which is shown in the video, does not require administrator privileges to launch an attack. Access control list settings also do not matter. The exploit works on computers with system integrity protection enabled. He […]

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Firefox will copy one of the main pieces Safari

Following Apple employees Mozilla has decided to block ad units on the Internet, collecting too much information about users. Firefox has always been known for its security. Application developers always paid much attention to the freedom of the Internet and ignored the questionable practices of gathering and selling personal data. At the same time Mozilla […]

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The concept truly useful Siri

Apple before anyone realized the need for a voice assistant in the smartphone. The first version of Siri was released in 2011, but since the assistant has not undergone major changes. Concept designer Kevin Eugene fixes old bugs. First idea of the concept is not to create new teams, and in fact to correctly display […]

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Android Auto will support Apple Music

Owners of cars with Android Auto will soon be able to listen to music via the Apple Music. On closed testing the publication reported AndroidPolice. In the beta version of the Apple Music on Android added integration with Android Auto. To participate in testing, must submit an application through Google Groups. After approval by Google, […]