WhatsApp will appear on iPad and Mac without binding to a smartphone

Still using WhatsApp? Good news for you. Soon the messenger can be launched on the iPad and Mac. Without dancing with a tambourine – as an independent application. Image from WhatsApp is working fancy now. You need to keep a smartphone (connected to the Internet) next to the tablet and PC. Otherwise, the service […]


                                    Now officially: the launch of the Apple Card will be held in August

A few days ago, sources from a reputable Bloomberg publication announced that the launch of the Apple Card is scheduled for August 2019. And they were right. interesting                            macOS Mojave 10.14.6 received an additional update                   Apple again accused of slowing iPhone On the eve of a press conference on the […]


                                    Apple will make iPhone completely waterproof

Have you heard stories about iPhones surviving at sea? Or caught in the rain? Apple gadgets are moisture resistant (although Apple doesn't advertise this). Image from It looks like it will be cooler next. Apple is going to improve the water resistance of the iPhone. This is evidenced by the company's new patent. interesting […]


                                    New public beta versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS released

On Tuesday, July 30, Apple quietly released its fourth public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS. Download them can participants in a public beta program Apple Seed. Anyone can register in the program on the official website of the company. interesting                            New iPhones get Apple Pencil support                   IPhone sales fell […]


                                    VK launches Lovina dating service

Last week, the Network reported that the social network VKontakte will have its own dating service called Lovina. Then representatives of the social network refrained from commenting on this matter, and a few days later, VKontakte officially announced the launch of a dating service. interesting                            Apple named US leading solar power user […]


Combo Playme P600SG Review

Long time I did not unpack the new Playme! Last time with a couple of Ilyusha Kazakov, when they shot a wonderful movie about our Mini. Much water has flown under the bridge since that time! Already, Ilya and the Mini do not (moved to the new “three” BMW), all new gadgets for the car […]


Now even grandmothers with pies will accept payment by card. Get ready to apply the smartphone for payment … to another smartphone & nbsp

They didn’t have time to get used to online cash registers and NFC payments, as the international payment system VISA offered the CIS countries a way to accept payment from bank cards directly to a smartphone. The technology was first shown during the summit of Visa Cashless 2019. According to most experts, it will replace […]


Apple Releases Third iOS 13 Beta

Apple releases third beta version of iOS 13 Today, Apple releases third beta version of iOS 13 operating system, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS Catalina. The beta version is available for download through a special beta program on the official Apple website. In the third beta version of iOS 13, a new icon for voice messages […]