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Russian copyright holders threatening court Apple and Google because Telegram

Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI) is going to court to demand that Google and Apple lock Telegram messenger, if otherwise you will not be able to stop the activity of the bot who are distributing illegal content. In an interview, I was told by the head of ISAPI Maxim Rabika.

It comes locked on demand to the decision of the court online library of “flibusta sites”. At the end of March, the holders found in the Telegram bot, handing out books on user requests. The rights to the content that gives the bot belong including the publishing houses-members of the Association.

According to Rabuka, the right holders have already approached Apple and Google, the applications of which are dealt in the book.

“They say that Telegram, sort it out with him. But Telegram does the same, and directing us to the developer of a particular application. And further us with gmail writes some strange face and requires us to provide documents of title to our content,” said Rabuka.

This scheme is the copyright holders do not want this, they require to disclose the data Telegram to the offender or to remove the bot, but the messenger refuses to meet, said General Director of ASAPI.

“We will try to change, or will require Apple and Google to implement more severe sanctions against him, or has removed from their app stores, or worked on the Telegram itself. If we do not hear — we will go to the Moscow city court”, — he said.

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Online library of “flibusta sites” is one of the largest repositories of Russian-language books. Copyright holders repeatedly made claims to the resource for copyright infringement, and the courts decided about the termination of access to them from Russia. In July 2015 Roskomnadzor has blocked the “flibusta sites” at the request of the Moscow city court. The reason of the claim of publishing house “Eksmo” in the matter published on the website of the library books of the writer ray Bradbury.

In early April of this year the Moscow city court ruled on eternal blocking online library.

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