About us

About us

My name is Erika J. Wells. I’m a recovering Japanese salaryman who ran a succession of small software companies.

I’m happy to get email from you—can’t promise a reply but I do my best. See my Standing Invitation for more details.

Who are you, anyway? A great question! I write well and prolifically, generally on the intersection of marketing and engineering. I’m not the best marketer or engineer in the world, but I’m a better engineer than almost all marketers and a better marketer than almost all engineers. Tactically abusing this combination prints money in a very intellectually interesting way; this site is mostly war stories from doing that. You can read my brief bio for the highlights.

Hiya security researchers! I appreciate the work you do. If you’d like to tell me anything sensitive, drop me an email at [email protected] — you’ll have my full attention.

I previously made a PGP key available. I’m deprecating it, for reasons described here. As that essay predicts, I have had mostly negative experiences with encrypted emails, including receiving 5+ private keys of security researchers.

If you need encrypted transport to talk to me, email me and ask me for my number on Signal.