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The interior Ministry arrested 20 hackers stole users of Android smartphones more than 50 million rubles

A group of hackers who infected a Trojan about a million Android-based smartphones, detained by officers of the interior Ministry. It included 20 people from different regions of Russia, with...



MegaFon will spend on compensation to victims of failure to subscribers of $5 million

“MegaFon” promised to pay compensation to subscribers affected by a catastrophic failure of the network operator. According to the publication Content Review, the total costs of the operator on payments...



Users of Windows 10 and Android will get the feature, which appeared in Apple three years ago

Most people today use smartphones, let them is not always inside the most advanced “stuffing.” Especially useful mobile device when oneo can offer integration with computers and laptops. It is...



I bought a YotaPhone is iPhone: the diary of a madman

The other day Yota Devices has announced the release of the next, third model of their high – tech miracle- YotaPhone. The gadget is expected to debut just in time...



10 iPhone features that you might not know

It has been 10 years since the release of the first iPhone, and now the “Apple” smartphones are popular all over the world. However, few users know what they are...



“You deserve better”: Sony has offered iPhone users a seamless transition to the LG G6

LG attempted to attract the attention of the owners of iPhone to the flagship smartphone LG G6. On the official YouTube channel of the company has a detailed manual that...



Light Phone: “antiphon” for the minimalist

In the era of the iPhone with two million apps in the App Store many people want to have a small and simple phone just to call and not to...



How to profitably sell Apple Watch?

If you are planning to buy Apple Watch 2 Series or just don’t use their Apple Watch, perhaps the time has come to sell the device. The Apple Watch is...



MegaFon: iPhone users are much more active Android-users on the Internet

The share of Android in the mobile market exceeds 86%, iOS owns 12%. However, when examining user activity is that fans of both platforms will generate approximately the same activity...



Android is better than iOS, compare mobile OS

With each new release the two most popular mobile platforms increasingly resemble each other. Easy borrowing and creative recycling achievements rival have not confused neither Google nor Apple. Nevertheless, and...



Failure of service of cards Visa of the savings Bank explained the connection with Apple Pay

Failure of service of cards Visa of the savings Bank was associated with the connection of payment systems Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. This was announced by company OpenWay, dealing...



Beeline and Tele2 first refused to FREE some packaged rates

Russian operators Beeline and Tele2 first refused inclusion in some plans package. About it reports RBC. This step was explained by the decline of interest of the user to the...



“Beeline” has abolished roaming charges in Russia and has doubled the traffic at the packet rates

The operator “Beeline” updated tariff line of the family, “Everything!” and cancelled on-net roaming across Russia. The company announced at a special press conference on Tuesday. “Beeline” completely abolished intranet...



Became known date of the beginning of sales in Russia the new Nokia 3310

Presentation of the new Nokia 3310 in Russia together with a new line of smartphones under the brand of the Finnish company is scheduled for next month. According to experts,...



Call rude: why messaging has replaced phone conversations

Browser The Verge’s Thomas Ricker suggested that in the age of popularity of smartphones to get people to use facetime audio and distract from other things — it means to...

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