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Experts warned of a new wave of attacks banking Trojans for Android users

“Doctor Web” announced that the expected increase in the number of attacks banking Trojans for Android users. According to experts, the attackers laid out in open access source code and...



Authorities rejected the petition on the abolition of the “law of Spring”, which received 100,000 votes

The expert working group headed by Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov, the meeting rejected the petition on the abolition of the “law of Spring” with more than 100,000 votes....



Former Apple employee revealed unknown details of the creation of the iPhone

This week Apple celebrates the tenth anniversary of the presentation of the first iPhone. To say that the work was carried out in complete secrecy — not to tell anything....



As the iPhone upended the gaming industry

10 years ago, the legendary entrepreneur and founder of Apple, Steve jobs showed the world the iPhone — a device that forever changed the smartphones. In the publication Life decided...



The media reported the possible hacking of the messenger Telegram the Russian special services

The Federal security service (FSB) managed to hack Telegram messenger, and its use may be unsafe from the standpoint of confidentiality. This is stated in the report of the retired...



The video showed two old and ugly prototype iOS

Before to show the world a new product Apple is testing several prototypes. And from the list of devices selects the one which best manifest themselves. So often, the Network...



How iPhone changed the world for 10 years

Today Apple celebrates 10 years since the announcement of the first iPhone. January 9, 2007 the founder of Apple, Steve jobs introduced the first-generation iPhone and called it a device,...



How to prove the advantages of Android fan iPhone

“The iPhone is an expensive and pretentious”, “I love you live Wallpaper curve and the ugly”. Your friend came into the store, looking in the window, the seller does not...



The Ukrainian “PrivatBank” podaril iPhone 7 seater Putin that he refused his name

In November of this year Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian “PrivatBank” Oleg Gorokhovsky announced an unusual advertising campaign. To its credit, the organization has pledged to give the iPhone 7...



This message “killed” iMessage on any iPhone [video]

Network users have discovered a serious vulnerability in the messenger iMessage. It has appeared, you can force a hang of the standard application to send SMS messages to any iPhone...



Experiment: to give up for a week from the iPhone in favor of the usual “dialers” and survive

A couple of years ago, the researchers calculated that a person notices the absence of a smartphone in an average of 15 minutes. Nonsense! Try to remove the gadget in...



Overview AirPods: who created wireless headphones Apple

Many of us use wireless headphones, and these devices every day progress and give more quality sound. Apple, which seeks to be a pioneer in everything, is to fully deliver...



Apple released two new iPhone ads on Apple Watch, Go Surf and Go Ride [video]

Apple released two new promo clip for the Apple Watch Series 2 – the “Go Surf” and “Go Ride”. In advertising, the company focuses on the fitness features of the...



“Thank developers for iPhone”: she has lost the smartphone and thanked Apple and not the people who returned it

The inhabitant of Samara has told the story of a colleague who has found iPhone in the snow and with the help of staff of the salon was trying to...



OneTwoTrip – how to save on travel using your iPhone

Soon the Christmas holidays are approaching, and with them – not only crush in online stores, and travel: when I’d have ten days from the whole family? But since all...

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