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How to change iOS for the past 10 years

Ahead of the release of iOS 11 let’s remember where it all began, and how has Apple’s mobile platform over the past decade. PhoneOS The first version of iOS, then...


India vs Apple: the fight for app

Apple has faced major challenges in India due to anti-spam iOS application that created the government. It is reported Bloomberg. It all comes down to the fact that the program...


Roskomnadzor called “Beeline” operator is the worst in Moscow

Roskomnadzor has tested the call quality and mobile Internet in Moscow. On the results of testing the outsider was the “Beeline”. “Beeline” was the leader by the share of unsuccessful...


Experiment. Is it possible to spend a week with Siri?

Imagine that you have refused to fully control iPhone by fingers and the only way communication device — your voice. Would survive? Journalist resource Engadget, Nicole Lee decided to check...


Whether the Apple Watch LTE to replace my iPhone?

According to recent reports, this year Apple will introduce a new version of the Apple Watch with support for LTE. Can such a watch be a worthy substitute for the...


Apple refuses to include the security settings which will save a lot of lives

Apple ignores requests for the inclusion in the iPhone Advanced Mobile Location (Advanced Mobile Location). This was written by The Next Web. This feature in the system will give emergency...


At DEFCON demonstrated a jailbreak of the Apple Watch

At the conference, DEFCON, which currently takes place in Las Vegas, was presented jailbreak smart watches Apple Watch. Developer from Ukraine Maxim Batali showed step-by-step presentation of hacking the Apple...


Google recommends users to opt out of two-factor authentication via SMS

Experts have long said that SMS is not a reliable way of protecting data access in the Internet. According to the National Institute of standards and technology, the use of...


The best features that iOS and Android have not yet managed to steal from each other

Last month Apple introduced the eleventh version of iOS, but Google has shown the public a prototype of a future edition of Android, code-named “O”. Both the software platform live...


“VKontakte” officially launched operator VK Mobile

Saturday, July 15, Facebook announced the full launch of the virtual operator VK Mobile. The announcement took place at the festival VK Fest 2017 in St. Petersburg. “VKontakte” began public...


Siri can leave clients of Sberbank and “Tinkoff Bank” without any money in the account

For the first nine months of the savings Bank and the Apple hasn’t solved the problem with Siri. At the end of last year, recall, users found that the iPhone...


“VKontakte” announced the launch of the mobile operator VK Mobile since July 15

Social network “Vkontakte” with the July 15 launch of their mobile operator VK Mobile which will work in networks of “MegaFon”. This is stated in the press service VK Mobile....


iOS 11 shows the usage statistics of the operator

In fact, all functions and features of iOS 11 discussed already more than once. However, the test version of the operating system continue to receive new features, and iOS 11...


Virus attacking Russian users of the iPhone

Wearer Facebook named Inna Jideleva published in the social network screenshots, screen iPhone, which depicted the attack of a virus on a mobile device. According to Life, the system sent...


The number of applications for the transfer of a number in Russia has reached 10 million

The number of subscribers that applied to the

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