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“VKontakte” will launch its own mobile operator in mid-July

Social network “Vkontakte” plans to launch a virtual operator VK in mid-July. It is reported by RNS with reference to the statement of financial Director Mail.Ru Group Matthew Hammond made...



In the US Apple Pay takes every third retailer in Russia is much less

Payment system Apple Pay take 36% of U.S. retailers, Android Pay — 24%, according to research firm Boston Retail Partners. According to experts, the possibility to pay for purchases with...



Authorities have asked the operators to “not screw up” rates because of the implementation of the “law of Spring”

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has asked the operators in the implementation of the provisions of the “law of Spring” to prevent a sharp growth of prices for communication services....



They killed the iPhone: named 10 of the most unusual phones of the previous epoch

Portrait of a modern smartphone — aluminum “pan” with an enormous screen, fingerprint scanner and camera. If it is good pay, around the display a little “cut” the frame, here...



Why mobile operators refuse from unlimited tariffs: greed or necessity?

According to operators, unlimited calling have a low demand and unprofitable due to the introduction of the “Spring package”. Experts believe that operators leads only to a desire to increase...



Almost half of smartphone owners use only calls and SMS

Modern smartphones offer great opportunities. But what should the ordinary consumer? Many often use only a voice connection and to send SMS. This is stated in the research of analysts...



How to kill Android: the experts identified three main issues with the latest OS versions

For the experienced user and developer of Android applications has always been a very convenient OS. Open source, rich features and the lack of strict control from the side of...



“The law Spring” has already led to the rise in mobile communication in Moscow

Moscow Department of information technology (DIT) has analyzed the pricing policy of operators in Moscow and found out that in six months (August to January) fares only grew. Experts attribute...



Russian InfoWatch has proposed a solution to control the correspondence of the employees of WhatsApp and iMessage

InfoWatch has launched announced the launch of a solution that allows employers to read employees ‘ correspondence in the mobile messengers. Software for monitoring smartphones called Device Monitor Mobile. According...



MTS forcibly introduced the “flexible tariff” mobile Internet for subscribers on the old tariff

One of the tools to increase revenue at the expense of subscribers of MTS is an automatic purchase of traffic package, if included in the rate of subscriber gigabytes ended...



“The harsh Russian import substitution”: netizens criticized the “killer” of Skype from “Rostelecom”

This week “Rostelecom” has launched an application for sharing audio and video calls, which will potentially replace foreign messengers. the Russian equivalent of Skype available to owners of devices on...



The inhabitant of Kuban has ordered the social network of the iPhone 6 for 8,000 rubles, and received faceted glass

20-year-old resident of the city shared his story of the unsuccessful purchase iPhone through social networks. She was a victim the Internet-swindlers. According to the interior Ministry, law enforcement agencies...



Tele2 has announced that it is no longer a “hard discounter”, but to raise tariffs until the

Mobile operator Tele2 waives the policy of “hard discount”. This was stated in an interview with RBC CEO Sergey Emdin. The operator refuses the model of the discounter, but to...



Experts warned of a new wave of attacks banking Trojans for Android users

“Doctor Web” announced that the expected increase in the number of attacks banking Trojans for Android users. According to experts, the attackers laid out in open access source code and...



Authorities rejected the petition on the abolition of the “law of Spring”, which received 100,000 votes

The expert working group headed by Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov, the meeting rejected the petition on the abolition of the “law of Spring” with more than 100,000 votes....

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