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MTS refused to tariffs with unlimited Internet after Yota, Beeline and MegaFon

MTS March 27, refused a tariff with unlimited Internet “Smart Bezlimita”. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to new conditions in the line of tariff of the operator. New...



Why the iPhone will never support dual SIM card

In September at the presentation of the smartphone iPhone 8 Tim cook reported that this is the best iPhone, which only saw humanity. In turn, Samsung will say exactly the...



Primo iPhone Data Recovery – when you need to revive the phone

Hands up who wrapped his whole life in a small box, which lies in your pocket. Through the screen is not visible, but I think that hand raised almost all...



Tele2 launched in the Moscow metro calls over Wi-Fi

Tele2 subscribers can now call in the Moscow subway on Wi-Fi. To do this, the operator entered into an agreement with the provider of Wi-Fi in the capital’s transport “Maximalism”....



Found simple way to unlock stolen iPhone and iPad

Researcher Brian Krebs has discovered a way to unlock iPhone and iPad that is locked by the function lock is activated. Fraudsters use phishing attacks on users of the cloud...



Expert: the us Apple and Google know the location of one third of the population of Russia

American Corporation Apple and Google know the location of one third of the population of Russia. It is reported by RNS with reference to the report of research company InfoWatch....



Samsung and Xiaomi are sold with pre-installed viruses

The Android operating system has long holds the reputation of being the most filled with viruses the mobile platform, ahead of iOS and Windows. Google is trying to counter the...



Unlimited war: a comparison of the tariffs of the Russian operators

The era of stiff competition between the unlimited plans of the operators behind. At least talking about it, and the operators themselves, and market analysts. About what to replace gradually...



MTS launched a new tariff for “smart” devices

Company MTS launched a new tariff for connecting “smart” devices. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the representative of the company Dmitry Solodovnikov. It is a “smart” clocks,...



Media: Turkish investigators requested the assistance of the Apple for the iPhone and Mac the killers of Ambassador Charles

Investigators of the General Prosecutor’s office of Ankara has requested help Apple access to iPhone and Mac murderers of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov, reports TASS. As part...



iOS vs Android: 7 arguments in favor of Apple

Android and iOS — the two leading operating systems in the smartphone market — devices under their control, took 99.6% of the market in the fourth quarter of 2016, according...



Valery Solovey: the authorities have unlimited access to Telegram traffic

The authorities of the Russian Federation received access to the correspondence users Telegram messenger in the framework of the “Spring law”. This was stated by doctor of historical Sciences, Professor...



10 reasons why even the best Android phones won’t convince iPhone users to switch platforms

The choice of mobile operating system is a rather controversial topic. To offer the iPhone owner to change the operating system is how to offer the football fan to change...



In Google Play found a weather app that steals passwords of Bank programs

Experts have found mobile banking Trojan for Android that steals passwords of Bank applications masquerading as applications with the weather. The program is housed in the official Google Play app...



A resident of Perm region has kidnapped via mobile banking 9.5 million rubles

A resident of Perm Krai Alla Fedoseyev developed the scheme of massive theft of money from users by means of service “mobile Bank”. This allowed her to withdraw 9.5 million...

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