What smart watches to choose for children in 2020: TOP-10 of the best models & nbsp

If we compare this device with a simple mechanism, then we can note that children's models are equipped with even wider functionality. From them, you can easily call your phone using the SOS key to the three available numbers. Another useful option is secret listening. That is, parents can always find out where the child is, what he does. Naturally, the search and geolocation of the child on the map, that is, with a GPS navigator, is provided. Which smart watch to choose for a child?
When looking for a suitable gadget, it is important to look not only at those parameters that are considered important when buying an adult watch movement. Standard is performance, amount of memory and the ability to install programs on a wrist device. For the child are relevant: design;

protection against pollution, moisture and mechanical stress;
the ability to integrate with the phone;
health sensors

comfort in management. It should be noted right away that when choosing you should pay attention to the screen, because there are as many as 3 modifications: multi-touch control;
simple LCD display with button control;
combined control – there are buttons and a sensor. GEOZON Classic
The price is 1260 rubles. Of the main advantages – two-way communication, budget, high quality communications, there is a SOS key. In addition, remote wiretapping is provided, the interface is simple and clear, a convenient working application is installed on the smartphone.

Of the minuses – you can turn it off only through the program on the phone, there is no GPS, and when you start the listening function, the clock emits a sound, so that the child and others will know that it is activated. I like 1 I do not like Smart Baby Watch S4
The cost is 1390 rubles. There are huge advantages – a flashlight and hidden wiretapping. Handling the watch is easy. You can see the movement, a built-in microSIM slot, there is even a 2 megapixel camera, support for 2G mobile Internet. In addition, the device can replace a fitness bracelet, an accelerometer is already built in here, monitoring calories and sleep spent, tracking geolocation. Like Dislike Hiper BabyGuard

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They cost from 1590 rubles. There is a small monochrome LCD screen, so the battery runs out slowly, it can work about 3-4 days without recharging. A model with a built-in phone, you can call and receive voice messages, moreover, you can set up to 26 family numbers. Location tracking, SOS key, watch search option, electronic “fence”. Interestingly, there is the opportunity to "be friends for hours." That is, you simply shake the two mechanisms side by side and they add each other to the list with contacts. Like Dislike Elari Kidphone 2
The price is already 1990 rubles. Shockproof, there is protection against moisture. They can work with Android and iOS operating systems. With a GPS navigator, Bluetooth, the watch can receive and make calls. There is a slot for a SIM card. Additional parameters: SOS key, “in class”, “friend” modes, audio monitoring, many standard installed games and applications. I like; I don't like Ginzzu GZ-503
Price – 2050 rub. There is the possibility of installing a safe zone, for this there is an option to notify parents, triggered when the child leaves the limits. You can call the watch, there is a panic button, trusted numbers, an alarm clock, a sensor that triggers when removed from your hand, send SMS, search for a device, a battery alert, vibration alert. They can function with iOS minimum version 7, Android – the minimum supported version 4.4. Touch screen, there is a backlight, a diagonal of 1.54 inches, GPS. 600 mAh battery. I like it. I don’t like the best smartphones of 2020: TOP-10 rating for price and quality.
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The average cost is 2490 rubles. Also a sensor for removing from a child’s hand is installed, an listening option. Touch screen, color, SOS alarm key. The strap can be changed if necessary. This smartwatch with a phone option can be called one of the most popular in 2020. There is also the ability to exchange sms, pedometer, alarm clock, location tracking. Like Dislike Jet Kid Scout

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Which is better to choose a watch for the age group of 5-12 years? Pay attention to the Jet Kid Scout for 2,990 rubles. It looks solid, ideal for boys. The strap is comfortable and pleasant to the touch. There is a phone book, you can make and receive calls, for this a slot for a SIM card is installed. There is a flashlight, a pedometer, an option to send voice sms, game software.
Thanks to the GPS module, the location is determined almost without errors. The battery is not too capacious, but the charge is enough for 2-3 days of active work. I like, I don't like Xiaomi Mi Bunny Phone Watch 3C
An excellent device worth 3796 rubles with 4G support. This model can be called a novelty in 2020, as it appeared recently. The watch has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels, protected by 2.5D Gorilla Glass. For the manufacture of the strap used hypoallergenic material.
IPx7 protection is provided, so the smartwatch can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter. Thanks to the presence of 4G module, the child will always be in touch. For video communications, there is a 2 megapixel camera with f / 2.4 aperture, 84.8 ° wide-angle lens. The battery capacity is 78 mAh. There is Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, an alarm clock, educational content for preschoolers and elementary schools, voice assistant, music player. I like, I don't like Smart Baby Watch G10.
The average cost is about 4050r. The battery is good – 600 mAh. In the watch you can find a children's game with a mathematical bias, a measurement of sleep, calories, a history of movements. 3G network supported. It is possible to send and receive voice messages, an alarm clock. There are several colors to choose from, including bright yellow. The case is plastic and the strap is silicone. You can remotely listen to what is happening, there are notifications about leaving a given zone, Wi-Fi, the ability to record video. Like Dislike Elari KidPhone 3G
The last device in our rating worth 5799 rubles. Compared to other devices, it’s not too budgetary, but the reviews of parents are positive. The most important feature and advantage of this watch is the famous voice assistant Alice. There is also a list of allowed contacts, video and camera, SOS button. Easily share voice and text sms.
They work with Android at least 5.0 and iOS at least 7. The manufacturer worked hard, developing a device with GPS as a mobile device, tracking tracker, as well as video communications. Parents can even make video calls, the child will easily answer. 2MP camera, WiFi. Using the SafeFamily special application, you can define a safe zone and write numbers in the phone book. Thanks to the built-in assistant from Yandex, this gadget can be safely called the most advanced. I like it. I don’t like. What smartwatch to choose for children in 2020: ranking of the best models How to untie the Apple ID from the iPhone – why do it?
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