Now even grandmothers with pies will accept payment by card. Get ready to apply the smartphone for payment … to another smartphone & nbsp

They didn’t have time to get used to online cash registers and NFC payments, as the international payment system VISA offered the CIS countries a way to accept payment from bank cards directly to a smartphone.
The technology was first shown during the summit of Visa Cashless 2019.

According to most experts, it will replace the classic payment terminals and mobile cash registers connected to smartphones and tablets, and private entrepreneurs, network stores, and even delivery services will benefit from this.
Since May 23, 2019, couriers, transport companies and self-employed Russians have the right to use new options for transmitting information about payments to the tax service. And now it is not necessary to print a paper check, but you can transfer it to the client, say, by e-mail or by SMS. This is stated in the new amendments to the Law 54-ФЗ.
Taking into account the fact that payments today can be accepted not only with classic cash equipment, the business is gradually starting to use new equipment in order to accept non-cash payments.
The most promising so far is the Tap-to-Phone technology, which over time will be able to replace the classic online cash registers. This is a completely new payment method, which VISA showed at the summit on July 4, 2019. It consists in the fact that it is now possible to accept contactless payments from a smartphone, and an application for Android or iOS works as an online cash register. To pay for a product or service, it is enough to attach your smartphone to the seller’s smartphone – payment takes place in a matter of seconds.

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And this is a real revolution – with such a technology, payment by a contactless credit card or using Google Pay / Apple Pay and analogs will be possible for every taxi driver, for all couriers and deliverymen of goods, in every first kiosk or even for trading with hands (in which so far, it was necessary to pay either in cash or “transfer to a card” money, which is not completely legal from a tax point of view). In addition, it is also trite cheaper for business than specialized cash equipment. All you need is a properly configured smartphone with Tap-to-Phone technology.
Of course, for large retail outlets, classic online cash registers, like the IRAS A930 or IRAS-EM F, will remain the most convenient options. But for the same couriers such models will be too expensive and cumbersome.
Therefore, VISA has made a breakthrough and precisely blows up the CIS market the best option for the traveling trade, couriers and transport companies in Russia. This will make payment using credit cards and mobile phones even more popular.
Global payment systems are very fond of e-commerce, so they make lower commissions for large Russian online stores, if the buyer pays for the goods with a card upon delivery by courier. Therefore, buying something on the card will soon be not only more convenient, but also more profitable than with cash.

Online cash registers will soon press smartphones with a cash register program on Android. Smartphones are much cheaper than cash registers, easier to handle in terms of size and functions. In a modern mobile phone there is an NFC reader, a camera for barcode and QR codes, banking and other payment applications through which the buyer can quickly and safely pay for the goods.
No need to buy additional equipment. Not even portable bank card readers are needed, which in some cases are now attached to smartphones for payment. At the same time, the smartphone will be able to regularly transfer data to the FTS (the so-called cloud fiscalization) and simultaneously send checks to the post office to the buyer. All problems are solved by a banal mobile phone!
At the same time, if needed, you can connect a fiscal module to your smartphone and punch checks to customers at the point. Imagine that the consultants in the boutiques will pick up the goods and immediately sell them to the buyers, without having to carry the goods to the cashier area. All cashless payment transactions will take place in the store. The queues at the stores will be much smaller!
In America, they are already using a similar technology, for example, in the Apple Store: consultants show the goods near the shop window and immediately punch it, offering the buyer to pay with a card on the spot.
Initially, 54-FZ introduced the shadow side of small and medium-sized businesses to control, but now the state has taken control of the issue of convenience and technology in cash register equipment. Foreign companies and global payment systems also see this as a plus and are ready to sell convenient payment options on a turnkey basis.
Now cashless payment becomes “affordable” for any scale of business and not only forces to install cash registers, but also offers convenient, easy to implement and understandable in use “smart” alternatives.

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