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Apple believed that the Watch will save from iPhone addiction. The plan failed, but this can be fixed

Paul Gorodnitsky is why the main intelligent watch of the planet does not fulfill its main purpose.

In 2015, when Apple Watch only prepared for release, columnists many top media (CNET, the Verge and so on) shared an opinion, whether the insider. According to information from reputable journalists, to Cupertino to have studied statistics and was horrified: it was found that the average iPhone owner removes the smartphone from the lock is more than 80 times a day. Most often spontaneously: it is a notification – Oh, you have to look.

In the end, produced very noxious reflex: we stare at the phone even when nothing is happening. Instinctive updates feed instagram, idly scrolling Twitter, meaningless comments on Facebook – everything is the result of the fact that the phone is replaced people, fun, and filled all his spare time.

Only now, in 2018, big corporations (Google, Facebook, Apple) have finally begun to introduce statistics, which is designed to terrify and sober. In special sections appearing and the exact time spent in apps and number of unlocks per day. In theory, a user must look stunned and sit on a digital diet. But in practice will be different – people prefer to ignore what they don’t like. Therefore, the new chips will remain unclaimed.

Now back to the Apple Watch. Even before the release of the first generation, when no one really knew, why the need for smart watches, the most plausible version looked like: the gadget will intercept all notifications, and the iPhone owner will save time and battery power. Sounds logical, but the implementation disappoint.

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I go with Watch 3 for more than six months and declare: whether the Apple really scored on the developers, or the developers are not enthusiastic about wearable electronics. The fact is that adequately on this tiny screen displays the alerts of only a few applications – mostly embedded. The rest – for example, Telegram is a cross between bugs, lag, nedoshedshy messages and other nightmares.

In the end, the Watch is used only as a player, fitness tracker and an alarm clock, but not as a second screen. Not to worry, I left extremely primitive, short notice: on write-offs (SMS) on arrival, a taxi and that I passed the required number of steps. Else it is better to cut down, otherwise there is huge risk of missing something important in the conversation.

In my opinion, the Apple Watch 4 shoot only at observance of three conditions:

1. A powerful processor. In the third generation Watch it more tolerable, in the previous two – does the crash: animation twitches like on Android 2.3.

2. The big screen. It’s simple – down frame. Without them watch will and more modern, and more practical. If Apple will leave the current scope, it will actually bury the product.

3. Cooperation with application developers. Seriously – there was a monstrous situation: Watch for three years, and the software for them is still in the prehistoric stage of development. It’s time to fix it. It is necessary to contact the same Durov and ask: Paul, sorry, you are not satisfied with something? Why do you have so zabagovanny client to Watch? Let’s you his pimp, and then we kick you from the App Store for hours.

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At WWDC 2018 Apple very vigorously stoked against dependence on the iPhone, but limited statistics it is impossible. In Cupertino there’s a gadget that is capable and free from smartphone slavery, and to encourage exercise.

There are only slightly modify Watch, showing that companies care about their users and their products.

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