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In rosiii defused a group of hackers stealing half a million rubles a day

According to “Kommersant”, the secret services have uncovered a group of hackers, which with the help of malicious Android applications were written off from the accounts of victims of huge sums.

According to the staff of special forces of Russian interior Ministry in the fight against cybercrime, the case was initiated after a number of complaints from residents of Volgograd region with complaints of sudden withdrawals from Bank accounts large sums. The investigation failed to establish that the group of attackers used a Trojan posing as a financial application. Masking virus under an aggregator of mobile banking systems, entitled “Banks at a glance”, the hackers were able to seamlessly translate from the victims ‘ accounts to half a million rubles a day.

Once on the user’s smartphone, the Trojan intercepted the banking data of the victim and handed them over to the attackers. Next, the program wrote off the account with different amounts of intercepted SMS, which came from the Bank to confirm the transaction and block the message that the victim remained in the dark.

During the investigation, one of the participants of group were detained. The hacker pleaded guilty and will stand trial on charges of criminal offences under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (especially large swindle) and item 174 of the criminal code (laundering of proceeds of crime).

Given the confession and cooperation, the police decided not to arrest the accused and be confined to house arrest for the period of investigation.

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