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Became known date of the beginning of sales in Russia the new Nokia 3310

Presentation of the new Nokia 3310 in Russia together with a new line of smartphones under the brand of the Finnish company is scheduled for next month. According to experts,...



Published photos of the iPhone 8 with display “edge to edge”, without button and Touch ID with the extended power button

Despite the fact that before the official presentation iPhone 8 still have a lot of time, literally every day there are new rumors about the alleged characteristics of the smartphone....



Planescape: Torment – great roleplay with us again

Thanks to the wonderful habit of porting games, iPad (and with it the iPhone), which has been turned into a haven of great, but forgotten masterpieces. Especially lucky old-style RPG...



iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 held a rematch in the test performance. No surprises [video]

Earlier in April, a YouTube user EverythingApplePro conducted a visual performance test of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 Plus. In the experiment from the South Korean vendor...



Bill gates forbade his children to use smartphones

The head of Microsoft and the richest man in the world bill gates forbade his children to use smartphones to 14 years. His example is followed by many leaders of...



Presents a realistic concept of the iPhone 8: frameless, vertical camera, Touch ID on the rear panel

Foxconn continues to organize information leaks about the new smartphone iPhone 8, as prototypes of the smartphone, which debuts this fall, is already being tested. This week, one of the...



What to do if your Mac doesn’t have enough RAM?

Every Mac user with 8 or 4 GB of RAM from time to time faced with the problem of slow operating system and even the periodic “crashes” of open programs....



What do you expect from AirPods second generation?

Apple AirPods wireless headphones, which debuted late last year, outperform their competitors. “Apple” product is not only cheaper than similar models from other manufacturers, but much more practical and better...



Meizu has opened in Moscow brand flagship store [photos]

Smartphone manufacturer Meizu has opened in Moscow its new flagship store. The gala event was held on 22 April in the shopping center “Gagarin”. The company store Meizu has a...



Drop Not! and bears can be square

Fun – perhaps the most “noble” genre, waiting and love the big hits, not a three-nonsense, fit for a queue in the clinic. But it turned out that the mobile...



Can the Xiaomi Mi 6 to compete with the iPhone 7?

This week Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Mi 6, which will cost $360. The device attracts attention with top technical characteristics and very low price tag. Can the...



Samsung is preparing for production of AMOLED displays of the 7th generation for smartphones with a pixel density of 800 ppi

As you know, Samsung, occupying 95% of the market OLED-displays for smartphones, will become the main supplier of display panels for the iPhone 8. According to analysts, UBI Research, the...



Call rude: why messaging has replaced phone conversations

Browser The Verge’s Thomas Ricker suggested that in the age of popularity of smartphones to get people to use facetime audio and distract from other things — it means to...



AirPods headphones really were “stunningly successful”

AirPods wireless headphones on sale December 13 – two months later than the promised date. Interest in the device was very large, as previously said Apple CEO Tim cook, who,...



Cut the Rope: Magic was the free app of the week in the App Store

Arcade puzzle game Cut the Rope: Magic became available for free in the framework of “app of the week” in the App Store. Within 7 days the game cost 75...

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