Apple will not restrict ad tracking in iOS 14

Apple will not restrict ad tracking in iOS 14

In iOS 14, Apple has taken serious steps to improve user privacy online. One of the new features is the limitation of advertising tracking through applications.

Of course, not all developers liked it. A week ago, Facebook, Alphabet, Blizzard, Tencent and others spoke up, criticizing Apple because limiting user tracking would reduce ad performance and revenue (all of a sudden).

Surprisingly, Apple listened to the developers and delayed the release of the feature until early next year. According to the company, this time will be enough for developers to make the necessary changes to the applications.

When this feature is enabled, the system will warn and give users a choice whether to allow a particular application to track your data to improve ads or not.


The company also postponed the launch of the privacy section in iOS 14 – it will appear at the end of this – early next year. In this section, users will be able to see what applications receive what data, and also quickly change access to their information.

Apple will not restrict ad tracking in iOS 14Source: Apple

More details about the functions and the launch of the section will be discussed later. It will probably appear in newer versions of iOS 14.

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