Weekly Highlights # 58: Epic Games App Store Deletion and Neuralink Presentation

Weekly Highlights # 58: Epic Games App Store Deletion and Neuralink Presentation

We summarize the results of the outgoing week with a selection of the most interesting news that did not make it into the main agenda.

News in one paragraph

Apple Removes Epic Games Account From App Store

But the developer's account for supporting the game engine was saved by Unreal Engine, that is, it did not violate the court order. Now, even if you've previously downloaded Fortnite and other Epic Games projects, you won't be able to download them from the App Store.

Weekly Highlights # 58: Epic Games App Store Deletion and Neuralink Presentation

Elon Musk gave a presentation on Neuralink

The new version of the interface is a 2.3 × 0.8 cm "pill" that is placed under the scalp at the crown, and not behind the ear, as the first version. 1024 electrodes are used, the device is recharged wirelessly, and the charge is enough for one day of work. Musk said that the device will help in solving neurological problems: memory loss, stroke, paralysis, depression, and will also help monitor the user's health. Now tests are being carried out on pigs, you can watch the full presentation on YouTube:

The artist showed what a swimming suit for people with sun allergies could look like

The inflatable bathing suit is made of latex and resembles a mattress. Yes, it does cover it from the sun, but moving in such a suit (judging by the renders) will be problematic and you need to swim only with accompaniment: an unexpected wave can turn you over, and it is almost impossible to return to the starting position due to blocked hands.

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Weekly Highlights # 58: Epic Games App Store Deletion and Neuralink Presentation

YouTube is testing Picture-in-Picture mode on iPadOS and iOS 14

Some users were among the beta testers of the new feature. Most likely, the feature will only be available to Premium subscribers, otherwise it won't make any sense. We are waiting for the official announcement in the fall, after the release of iOS 14 with support for the "Picture in Picture" mode.

Picture in Picture working on iPadOS with the YouTube app.

(But only worked with this live stream, there must be some codec trickery happening behind the scenes for certain playback scenarios). pic.twitter.com/75vG7Ai4ln

– Daniel Yount (@dyountmusic) August 27, 2020

Refurbished MacBook Pro 13 (2020) with 10th Gen Intel processors now available

Refurbished laptops with old processors went on sale a few weeks ago, and now the real novelties have arrived. We subtract about 15% from the price of a new laptop and get the price of a reconditioned one. Not a bad proposal, considering that all faults are repaired and "consumables" are replaced with new ones.

Trailers of the week


The story of the death of Viktor Tsoi on the other hand: the film will show the story of a bus driver, into which a car with a singer and idol of millions crashed into. Premiere date has yet to be announced:

Enola Holmes

Another story is shown from a different angle: the Netflix film about Enola Holmes, the younger sister of the cult detective Sherlock Holmes. The premiere is scheduled for September 23:

"Raised by Wolves"

A new trailer for the HBO Max series, directed by Ridley Scott. Subscribers of the streaming service will be able to watch the series on September 5:

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If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

Let's talk about one of the distinctive elements of Steve Jobs' image – New Balance sneakers:

Reviving the Kitchen format and discussing Epic Games' war with Apple:

Unboxing a brand new iMac with nano texture:

Natasha spoke about gadgets for a dog:

We figured out why Apple technology does not always bring joy:

What do you remember about the outgoing week?

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