Apple wants to sell more than 100 million iPhone 12

Apple has high expectations for the next generation iPhone, which will debut next fall. She expects future iPhones to set a new sales record. This was reported by the Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes, citing sources familiar with the issue. interesting                            What is the most buggy version of iOS?                   New iPhone […]


                                    Apple Watch saved a pensioner from a heart attack

Apple Watch can be one of the most useful gifts for your loved ones if you are worried about their health. Perhaps they will help save their lives, as happened with a 74-year-old pensioner from the United States. interesting                            What is the most buggy version of iOS?                   IPhone will become […]


                                    What is the difference between a copy of AirPods Pro for $ 95 from the original

Despite the fact that AirPods Pro was introduced at the end of October, the market has already been flooded with various copies and fakes. The authors of the popular English-language portal Apple-themed MacRumors decided to compare one of these copies with the original. interesting                            What is the most buggy version of iOS? […]


                                    Photo of the day: SmartBattery Case for iPhone 11 on x-ray

Last week, Apple introduced the new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which, thanks to the batteries built into them, can increase the battery life of smartphones by 50%. One of the first new accessories was able to evaluate the experts of the repair service iFixit. […]


Adapter King with Power Bank for MacBook Pro

Three years ago, Line Dock startup showed an interesting thing: it combines a data storage disk, a dock with a bunch of connectors and an additional battery. Powerful adapter adapted for MacBook Pro and Air with 13-inch screens. Then, fundraising for the project began at Indiegogo, it took $ 50,000 to start production, and they […]


                                    Old Apple floppy disk sells for $ 7,500

Young users are used to storing everything on a flash drive or in the "cloud." However, before, other media were used to transfer files. It's about floppy disks. Image from Famous Macintosh computers are no exception. The system software for them (such as the Macintosh System Tools) was recorded on floppy disks. Now something […]


                                    What is the most buggy version of iOS?

An interesting experiment was conducted by Bloomberg reporters. Experts of the publication revealed the most stable iOS (starting with iOS 7). The results were curious. Image from Bloomberg carefully studied update statistics. They were especially interested in updates that fix bugs. The emphasis was on patches coming out in the first 2 months after […]