What would I give myself in August

What would I give myself in August

This month there was no time for a selection, I sat down to write the day before yesterday – I was torn off, I wanted to continue yesterday – as a result, we went to our colleagues from the Kalashnikov concern and had a wonderful time studying the Ultima rifle. That's what I would give myself! As they said, they wanted to do, first of all, an interesting thing in terms of design – but here the design is mixed with functionality and one cannot be separated from the other. The prominent "beak" in the front seems to be brutal, but it is also a cullet, there are frames for attaching accessories, a computer is hidden in a removable stock, if you don't need a computer, you can buy a weapon without this option. Just top. Mechanical sighting devices are not provided, but I tried to shoot and hit without a front sight – it turned out well.


But otherwise – August is like August. A scattering of new Samsung products, in previous years they flew to work in the USA, now they have shot in Moscow. Note did not include in the selection, because my true wish is Fold 2, and here I include only those things that have either already been bought / donated, or are still in the plans. Let's just talk about this, let's fly!

Solo Restaurant

Novikov's new restaurant about Italy, very tasty and good – I'm not at all a pro for some estimates, I've been in different regions of Italy, ate, drank, in Solo everything is very similar to those tastes, and that's good. The average bill is small, it is truly wonderful to come in to eat pasta in the evening and whistle a glass of wine. You can give this to yourself at least every day. More information here.

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What would I give myself in August

Audeze LCD-1

How good it is when in the modern market there are TWS headphones packed with functions, and vinyl players, and large noise canceling headphones, and classic wired headphones – on the one hand, cassette players are reborn, on the other hand, there are things like Audeze LCD- 1. They remind me of the classic Mustang, where under the hood some kind of photon engine and in a vintage interior only one bright button gives modern possibilities.

The LCD-1 has a film instead of a driver and uses planar magnetic emitters. This time. Two – they are configured for use with mobile devices (with an iPhone) without additional priblud, you can buy an AudioQuest DragonFly or Chord Mojo, but everything is fine, believe me. I have been looking at this model for a long time, it costs 39,000 rubles, kind people helped to stir it up as it should be, I rejoice like a fool for the third day and listen to the playlist with my favorite tracks in a circle. Very like. Review coming soon.

What would I give myself in August

AmpliFi ALIEN Router

I thought about replacing the router in the apartment – everyone is good with AirPort Extreme, only it has become obsolete over the years, and even suddenly fell off Seven Sky, fought with the admins, and achieved nothing. I even bought a second Extreme, American – the same parsley. As a result, they decided the question like this: put MikroTik, Extreme to it, everything worked well. But the sediment remained. I asked my colleague Seryozha – Seryozha was setting up Wi-Fi in our office and fumbling about what to do and where to look. Seryozha said to look at AmpliFi ALIEN Router. It costs about 29,000 rubles, Wi-Fi 6 and generally incredible. You can read it. The router has already been ordered, there will be a review, maybe we can even shoot a video.

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What would I give myself in August

ZENS Liberty Glass Edition

It is good to receive such a thing as a present – the stand was sold out in Moscow, despite the protective price of 17,990 rubles. Hellish thick glass with coils, a reliable case made of beautiful plastic, an excellent cable included, it is possible to charge two smartphones at once – a module for charging Apple Watch is connected.

What would I give myself in August

You look at this beauty and generally do not understand what is happening in this world, the kingdom of consumption, hedonism and bliss. I put this one near the bed and admire, maybe you even woke up at night and sat down to admire – admired for an hour and went to bed again.

What would I give myself in August

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

I wrote a review of the headphones – in short, I really liked it. Of course, if I had chosen one thing for myself, I would have stayed with AirPods (not Pro), but life is too short, there are a lot of good gadgets, I want to try everything, so I ended up ordering white Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Shumodav pleases, sound too. They cost 12,990 rubles.

What would I give myself in August

MO: Astray

The game is already in pre-order, it will be available on September 10, and this is just top. For Switch fans, I recommend spending the money and having fun.

Gucci Off The Grid high top sneaker

I have been looking at the archival (I hate these marketing flirting) Gucci sneakers for a long time, but I did not like the short ones. And then last week I went to TsUM to please myself with something and saw there high black sneakers! I bought it immediately. It turned out that if you carry short socks, the upper part rubs your legs – walking is unpleasant and impossible, so only high socks and nothing else.

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What would I give myself in August

The second interesting point: the sneakers are entirely made from recycled materials – from the box to all the smallest details. All the details are described here. Apparently, we tested the model for a long time, because it's nice to wear even when it's twenty degrees outside, there is no feeling of a closed sweaty room, where there is not even a hint of a draft. I carried out the main test on Saturday, suddenly I drove from Tula to Moscow for five hours (very timely road repair!), And so, all the rules. The main thing is that the socks are made of cotton – however, I will return to this later. The sneakers cost about 48,000 rubles, slightly more expensive than the basic version, but they are worth it. Just top! One more detail: after yesterday's dusty landfill, it was very easy to wash them, once and again and you're done!

I wish you a good start in autumn, Siberian health and great mood!

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