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For the mayoralty of Perm will buy the new iMac Pro for 450 000 rubles

Administration of Perm declared auction on the purchase of a computer, the description of which fits the new professional Pro iMac, unveiled by Apple at WWDC 2017. The monoblock is...



Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can surpass the iPhone 7 Plus at battle of the best cameras of the year

The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available this fall. According to the publication SamMobile, citing informed sources, the South Korean company will position the camera as...



How to get back with macOS on macOS High Sierra Sierra

With the beginning of the month Apple is testing a new desktop platform macOS High Sierra. To load the operating system in any compatible computer in the presence of a...



Why does iPad with iOS 11 will not be able to replace your laptop

In June at WWDC Apple announced iOS 11 – new operating system for iPhone and iPad. According to the developers, the update should bring the tablet functionality to laptops. The...



Former Apple employee revealed the secret prototypes of the first iPhone

Apple is famous for its secrecy. All the products coming out of the walls of the Corporation from Cupertino, has to be perfect. People do not need to see the...



A new feature in iOS 11 significantly speeds up typing on the keyboard

The virtual keyboard is that it can be changed by adding new functionality with the software. This is what Apple did in iOS 11. The keyboard on the iPad added...



From iPhone 2G to iPhone 8: how to change the most popular smartphone in the world in 10 years [video]

Today marks 10 years since the release of the first iPhone. During this time, sold more than 1 billion all modifications of this device, which became the most successful embodiment...



10 years of iPhone: how Apple convinced millions of people to buy an “iPod on steroids”

Exactly 10 years ago, June 29, 2007, began selling the first iPhone. The device changed the mobile device market, affecting the development of the entire technology industry. In the publication...



Apple added in iOS 11 Belarusian layout

In iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad appeared Belarusian layout. This fact drew the attention of the readers of the resource In September Apple will release the final version...



Too expensive, uncomfortable, bad battery: what critics say about the first iPhone ten years ago

Before the iPhone became one of the most popular devices in the world, many experts, analysts and competitors predicted a complete failure. Today takes the 10 years since the start...



Happy birthday, iPhone! 10 years ago Apple released its first smartphone

Today it is hard to remember what the world was like without smartphones, and the era of handheld gadgets, still should count it from the release of the iPhone. This...



Reporter: the new iPad almost everything loses laptop

In the network there is ongoing debate about whether the iPad Pro with iOS 11 to replace the laptop. Outline journalist Joshua Topolsky believes that the new Apple tablet is...



Siri in iOS 11 allows you to use text commands instead of voice

11 in the iOS voice assistant Siri received support for text commands. This is useful when the user is not willing or able to talk to virtual assistant out loud....



10 years of iPhone: how to create the most revolutionary product Apple

June 29 will mark 10 years since the release of the original iPhone models. In honor of the landmark date former Apple executives gathered together to discuss the creation of...



What’s new in iOS 11 beta 2? 120 overview of features and changes [video]

This week Apple released the second beta of iOS 11 for the iPhone and iPad. The test Assembly are currently available only to developers, as quite “raw” and not free...

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