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40 easy ways to free up space on iPhone and iPad

If the memory on your iPhone or iPad is about to end, then this article is for you. In it you will learn helpful tips that will help you to...



Dock MagicBridge from Twelve South combines a wireless keyboard and the Apple trackpad in one device

The company Twelve South has released the original dock for Mac computers. A device called MagicBridge allows you to combine wireless keyboard Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 in one...



“Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro”

Journalist resource Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino has tested the new MacBook Pro. As an experiment he decided to use on the laptop is Windows 10 instead of the native macOS....



A new tactic for Microsoft in the battle for the attention of fans of Apple technology

Sales of Microsoft in the 4th quarter reached $1.3 billion, showing annual growth of more than 40%, and revenue teams Surface for the full year was $4.3 billion OEM market...



33 years ago, Apple was criticized for refusing the command line in favor of GUI

The first truly personal computers Apple has released in 1984. Proposed 33 years ago, the graphical interface and inexpensive price attached to technology children. Is the time marked by the...



How to enable quick launch Windows 10 on your PC or virtual machine for faster loading OS

Time is the only irreplaceable resource. It’s a shame to waste it on waiting until the OS is loaded and you can start to work. And Windows 10 is no...



Media: the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be transformed into a computer

Despite all the efforts by Samsung, the upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 known to almost all. As The Guardian reports, citing informed sources, the company plans to introduce two...



In iOS 10.3 for iPad found a hidden keyboard to type with one hand

In code, the first beta version of iOS 10.3 found a hidden mode of operation of a standard keyboard on the iPad. Special mode is designed faster and more convenient...



The owners of the 12-inch MacBook massively complain about sticky keys on the keyboard

MacBook owners complain of problems with the keyboard of



10 things to do after buying a new Mac

If you are the lucky winner of the Mac during the Christmas holidays, and this is your first computer from Apple, you can accept congratulations! Mac computers are incredibly productive...



How to move 72 new Emoji in iOS 10.2 the iOS 9

Familiar smiley emoticon appeared in the late 1950’s — early 1960-ies. However, there is no consensus about who invented the smiley face first. According to one version, the author of...



5 best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10 this week

The ranks of iPhone and iPad users jailbreak come new users. This is easily explained. Since the advent of the original iPhone jailbreak witnessed many unique jailberak-tweaks. With the advent...



Experts have discovered a Trojan that intercepts camera control Mac

Users of Apple computers are virus attacks, which allows attackers to spy on users of Macs. Malware has detected a system administrator who noticed the strange traffic. “Malware”, called Fruifly...



American has filed a lawsuit against Apple because the iPhone is no lock function correspondence while driving

The iPhone has already received intended for use in vehicles optimized interfaces Apple CarPlay. However, a California resident by the name of Giulio Sege believes that the distraction of drivers...



Apple announced a major update to the music application GarageBand and Logic Pro X

Apple has announced a major update of their app for creating music with new features for iPhone, iPad and Mac. In Annex 2.2 GarageBand for iOS now universal and powerful...

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