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Russian computer “Elbrus-401 RS” processor-based Elbrus-4C goes on sale for the price of a Mac Pro

One of the main developers of Russian processors “Elbrus” company MCST has completed the preparation of serial production of computers “Elbrus-401 RS”. They are based on the processor “Elbrus-4C” system-on-chip,...



“I was scared to death”: the former top Manager of Apple told the story of creating the first iPhone

“Steve told me straight that this is a closely guarded secret. He said he will fire anyone who would leak it. I was scared to death”. Tony Fadell thought hard...



How iPhone changed the world for 10 years

Today Apple celebrates 10 years since the announcement of the first iPhone. January 9, 2007 the founder of Apple, Steve jobs introduced the first-generation iPhone and called it a device,...



“It was a real miracle!” IPhone owners remember the first Apple smartphone

Exactly 10 years ago was presented smartphone in the world changed the view of mobile devices. iPhone 2G was brought to Russia from abroad, “reflash”, ordered on the Internet. In...



Happy anniversary, iPhone! 10 years ago Steve jobs introduced the first Apple smartphone

Exactly 10 years ago, January 9, 2007 Apple introduced the first iPhone. Announced new Steve jobs stated that the device joined three gadget “iPod with a large screen that can...



MacBook Pro tense: Acer has introduced a laptop with a 21-inch curved display, Intel chips Kaby Lake and the GeForce GTX 1080 graphics in SLI

Acer at CES 2017 in Las Vegas introduced the world’s first notebook with a curved display, 21 X Predator and two GeForce GTX 1080. In Predator used curved 21 X...



HP brought at CES 2017 competitor to the iMac without a keyboard and mouse [video]

HP has announced an unusual one-piece computer. Hybrid all-in-one interactive projector, tablet and 3D scanner called Sprout Pro G2. In order to use the device requires neither mouse nor keyboard....



8 reasons for Apple to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C in iPhone 8

It is known that Apple is testing iPhone prototypes 10 8, among which is the model with USB interface-C. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood that instead of the Lightning...



The flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 will be transformed into a full-fledged computer

The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 will be



The concept of the iPhone 8 with a Touch panel is Bar-style MacBook Pro [video]

The main innovation of the new MacBook Pro is touch mini screen Touch Bar, located above a mechanical keyboard. On it are various tools depending on which program is currently...



Lightning adapter to connect the headphones to the iPhone 7 was included in the list of the worst gadgets of 2016

Adapter to connect standard headphones to the iPhone 7 was included in the list of the worst gadgets of 2016. The rating, which includes smartphones, laptops, watches and other gadgets...



Fan of Apple made an edible copy of the Apple II Plus

There are cooks-modelers who wish to create copies of objects not only plausible, but also suitable for human consumption. American designer, Nayan prior, known online under the nickname HaHaBird, shared...



Apple has patented a table with built-in wireless charging

Apple looks towards wireless power transmission, evidenced by another patent of the California giant. In a paper published this week, the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA, describes a system...



Top major differences between Mac and Windows-PC

The history of the development of modern computers – it is an epic war for market share between Apple and Microsoft. In this competition make the next move. Microsoft released...



Apple preparing new iMac with USB-C, Mac Pro graphics Radeon Pro and the updated MacBook 490 in 2017

Apple is preparing a major update of the Mac computers in 2017, including a new model of iMac computers, professional workstations and Mac Pro and laptops MacBook and MacBook Pro....

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