Everything interesting for the week # 21: quiet MacBook Pro 16 keyboard and one-man analog Tinder

The most interesting news of this week is the release of our Wylsacom Media app on iOS. But I think you already know about this. And now is the time to compile interesting news that did not get on the main agenda.

One paragraph news

Scientists have counted the carbon footprint from useless messages

The study was conducted by OVO Energy specialists. According to their calculations, if every Briton over 18 refuses at least one unnecessary message per day (among them “OK”, “Thank you”, “Accepted” and others), then carbon dioxide emissions from electricity production will decrease by more than 16,000 tons per year, which is equivalent to CO2 emissions from 3,000 cars.

Photo from a review of Google Pixel 4

Toshiba has developed a technology that can detect 13 types of cancer by a drop of blood

Accuracy reaches 99%, and the technology itself and the research method are developed jointly with the Research Institute of the National Cancer Center and Tokyo Medical University. Tests will begin next year, and the method may become widely available within "several years."

MacBook Pro 16 keyboard is really quiet

The Wall Street Journal compared it to several laptops at once. Here are the results: the quietest laptop is the Pixelbook Go (30.1 dB), MacBook Pro 16 (30.3 dB) in second place, and MacBook Pro 2015 (31.2 dB) in third place. They are followed by the Dell XPS (32.3 dB), the Surface Laptop 3 (33.8 dB) and the 2019 MacBook Air with a butterfly (41.9 dB).

Photo from a review of the MacBook Pro 16

Introduced analog Tinder, where only one man

Of course, this is its creator. “The main problem with the rest of the dating apps is that my face does not take a prominent place,” said Aaron Smith, creator of the app.

Sad statistics: more than half of young Russians would like to leave the country

This is a record for the last 10 years. Of all the Russians participating in the survey, 21% would like to move abroad for permanent residence. Of these, 53% of people aged 18 to 24 years. And here are the main reasons why the respondents are thinking about moving: the desire to ensure a decent future for children, the economic and political situation in Russia, as well as the high quality of medical services abroad.

Trailers of the week


The new Pixar cartoon, which will premiere on March 5, 2020:


The story is about a young actor who, due to problems with drinking, has an accident, and after that to a rehabilitation center. But why did you become addicted to alcohol? This is what he needs to understand, remembering his childhood:

If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

Unpacked Google Pixel 4:

We figured out what the Chinese TCL Plex smartphone can do:

Valya shaved on camera – shock content:

Ilya unpacked a bunch of packages from China:

Microsoft Surface Pro X is the top piece of hardware, but nothing works on it:

The second issue of "What is it about" with Pavel Kushelev:

And what do you remember this week?

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