Not a single iPhone: what other innovations will Apple release in 2020

Bloomberg's Mar Gurman of Marc in his new article spoke not only about the iPhone 12, which will be available in four versions and three sizes, but also about other Apple innovations that are waiting for us this year.

Not a single iPhone: what other innovations will Apple release in 2020

According to Mark Gourmet, in addition to the iPhone 12, Apple is preparing other equally interesting new items. So, this year it is planned to update the brand-name monoblock iMac. The journalist notes that rumors about the release of the 23-inch iMac sound quite believable. Apple will release the new 14-inch MacBook Pro, which is also waiting for a redesign in the style of a 16-inch model with a new scissor-type keyboard.

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It is noted that after the disappointing sales of HomePod, Apple has created a special team that is entrusted with saving the smart speaker. To this end, a cheaper HomePod speaker with enhanced Siri support will be released in 2020.

The company will make iPhone 12 smart watch Apple Watch Series 6. One of the main chips will be the function of sleep monitoring.

Also in the assortment of Apple will appear a new Apple TV set-top box, an AirTag tag for finding things, modular on-ear headphones and an AirPower charging platform. All of these devices will be released before the end of 2020.

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