The lawsuit against Apple is not rejected: the company will have to answer for the problematic "butterfly"

Despite the recent release of the MacBook Pro 16 and a return to the scissor-type keyboard, since 2015 the company has released a lot of laptops with a problematic “butterfly”. The case even came to a class action lawsuit against the company.

Apple filed a motion to dismiss the case, but was rejected by Edward Davil, a judge in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

What will happen next?

Apple will have to answer for its mistakes and explain why the troubleshooter did not provide an “effective fix.” Perhaps the company will even have to compensate users for repair costs if it was carried out in third-party services due to a refusal to accept the case as a warranty.

The lawsuit applies to all laptops with a butterfly keyboard, that is, starting with the MacBook 12, released in 2015. Most complaints come from owners of the 2016 MacBook Pro.


The Story of a Painful Replacement of a Defective Keyboard on a MacBook Pro

Valentin Tunitsky

July 31, 2019

In 2018, Apple recognized the butterfly as a problem. Then an extended warranty program was launched, and the current versions of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are sold with a redesigned keyboard that is protected by a silicone seal (but this did not solve the problem completely).

Now only scissors?

The scissors mechanism works well, but the company needs to show something new. There are two developments that Apple is currently working on: a patent for an optical keyboard has recently been extended, and in January we talked about a glass keyboard with dedicated buttons.

Apple patent and operating principle

When will show laptops with new keyboards, it is not known. Just return the “scissors” to the 13-inch models – and there will be happiness.

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