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Google Maps for the first time, “borrowed” feature from the Apple branded cards

Apple launched its own map service Google much later. And still in many points Apple Maps behind maps search giant. This applies both to the detail and content of the...



Officials in Russia have detained for receiving a bribe MacBook

Perm senior official is suspected of receiving bribes in the form of MacBook, according to the publication Mediazavod. Model MacBook is not given, but named the price is more than...



Samsung has officially unveiled Bixby – a competitor to Siri for Galaxy S8 and other devices

Samsung officially introduced the voice assistant Bixby, rumors of which went the last some months. We are talking about svobodata personal assistant with features of artificial intelligence. Bixby will be...



Smart watch for Regardie can give odds to the Apple Watch

In Moscow, the command of Regardie presented a new development – “smart” watches, designed to localize the user in open areas and inside buildings. According to the developers, this is...



How to find a parked car without Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth in iOS 10

One of a small but very useful new features in iOS 10 was a function to search a parked car: the Maps app automatically saves the location of the machine...



“AvtoVAZ” plans to introduce Apple CarPlay in Lada

PJSC “AVTOVAZ” plans to integrate in-car support Apple CarPlay. About it reports Interfax with reference to the representatives of the company. In the framework of the project in the field...



One of the first Apple computer put up for auction for 19 million roubles

One of the first Apple computers, released in 1976, will be auctioned off at the auction house Team Breke. The starting price of the Apple-1 – £262 000, which at...



The Russians came under the court for the purchase of GSM wireless microphones on AliExpress

A resident of Chelyabinsk region ordered in the online store Aliexpress GSM wireless microphones, which can be used as a device for wiretapping. As a result, he was put on...



5 hidden functions of iPhone that you might not know

Many users believe that you know absolutely everything about the iPhone. However, iOS develops and becomes with the years more and more complex platform, so you can always learn something...



“Yandex.Taxi” began to suggest the optimum feed point of the machine and build up to her walking route

Yandex.Won’t tell where it is better to call a car to get to the goal faster and cheaper. The mobile app will offer a better point of filing, if any,...



8 functions and features from Android that Apple needs to copy iOS 11

Hard to call it Android lagging behind iOS. In many aspects of the operating system Google is not just equaled the ease of use with the “Apple” platform but surpassed...



“Apple gave up”: the developer explained why he went back to Windows after years of Mac use

Developer and journalist Owen Williams really wanted to try the tooth virtual reality. But couldn’t because his MacBook Pro with her friends. Williams expected that Apple will offer new and...



Another smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 has exploded in China [photos]

A few days ago we wrote about the case of ignition of the



In Russia launched the service: the bouquets, the young man and the Armani rental packages for “successful self”

In the eve of March 8 in Runet earned new services targeted to those girls who wants to look at the “selfie”. As reported by Lenta, the rental shall huge...



In Russia launched the service to pay for fuel at the gas station with your smartphone [video]

The group of companies “SKON” launched a mobile application for online payment of fuel at petrol stations (gas stations). The service allows you to pay and carry out the fuel...

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