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Google Maps can now remember where you parked the car

Google added in-app Google Maps function where to look for a car in the Parking lot will be easier. It works both in automatic and in manual mode. For Android...



2GIS learned to build an optimal pedestrian routes without Internet connection

App 2GIS learned to build Hiking trails bypassing of fences and off limits to pedestrians in the road. The program displays the optimal route to the selected place, and also...



10.3.2 iOS beta 4: what’s new?

On Monday Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 10.3.2 intended for registered developers. Almost immediately an update was available for the participants of the open testing program. The manufacturer...



Apple delays the launch show Carpool Karaoke

Last summer, Apple acquired the rights to CBS’s popular show James Corden Carpool Karaoke, where participants ride on car with comedian and singing popular songs. It was expected that the...



Startup co-founder of Google Larry page has demonstrated the “flying car” Flyer [video]

Project Kitty Hawk, funded by Google co-founder Larry page, first demonstrated flying vehicle with vertical take-off. The device looks like a huge quadcopter, capable of lifting into the air of...



Tim cook has threatened to delete the Uber app from the App Store at a private meeting with the head of

Service for taxi service Uber conquering the global market due to competitive prices and convenient mobile application. In addition, the online service allows you to become a taxi driver for...



Apple self-driving car will be equipped with “black box”

“Black box” is a common thing for aircraft. With this device it is often possible to establish the cause of an accident or minor faults that can lead to disaster....



Media declassified documents of program testing driverless cars Apple

In the middle of the month the Department of motor vehicles of California has updated the website, adding the Apple to the 29 companies with a permit to test Autonomous...



Apple is working on its own display technology, which is superior to OLED

This year, Apple is expected to release the first smartphone that will receive an OLED display. However, the next-generation iPhone, which will debut in 2018, can be equipped with a...



Network users harshly criticized the design of the iPhone 8

Social media users have accepted the new design of the iPhone 8. After the publication in the



10.3.2 iOS beta 3: what’s new?

Apple today following the version for developers has posted the third public beta of iOS 10.3.2. The update is intended for users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with...



Enthusiast has ported Google Maps to Apple’s CarPlay [video]

One of the world’s most popular mapping and navigation apps Google Maps is officially available on Apple CarPlay. Despite all the flaws and limitations of signature service car interface supercinski...



Against fools and roads: what will Russia respond to Apple Car?

Unmanned vehicles will make the biggest revolution in the world of transport. That Apple has already received permission for testing vehicles with Autonomous control systems. It is expected that the...



Waiting for users of Hackintosh from the new modular Mac Pro

In the beginning of the month Apple told me that designs a brand-new, “completely rethought” model of the workstation Mac Pro. Your computer will have a modular design that will...



Considered-to tears: Apple CarPlay for new Hyundai Solaris will cost 315 000

The features of the car interface, Apple CarPlay is difficult to overestimate. The system actively uses the capabilities of personal assistant Siri to create a safer and more comfortable environment...

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