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Ford has poached from Apple Director of marketing and communications

One of the oldest automakers Ford Motor was poached from Apple Director of marketing and communications in the retail segment Musa Tariq. In his new position he will assume the...



Expert in robotics and machine learning yockey Matsuoka returned to Nest, not worked in the Apple and year

Apple’s Vice President of technology yockey Matsuoka, left the company, reports Engadget. Top Manager refused to post in the “Apple” of the Corporation and returned to the Nest. The company...



The Tesla will recognize the owner’s fingerprint on iPhone

It is no secret that smartphones can be used instead of keys to the car, while getting information about the status of the onboard systems, the temperature in the passenger...



Cars KIA in Russia received the support of Apple CarPlay

A number of cars of KIA Motors for sale in the Russian market, will receive a new multimedia and navigation system with car support Apple CarPlay. This is stated in...



Unknown stole from the car in Moscow 22 of the box with Apple products, worth 1.3 million rubles

Law enforcement officers of Moscow looking for the unknown, who hacked the alarm of the parked North of town cars and stole 22 boxes with Apple products. The theft occurred...



American has filed a lawsuit against Apple because the iPhone is no lock function correspondence while driving

The iPhone has already received intended for use in vehicles optimized interfaces Apple CarPlay. However, a California resident by the name of Giulio Sege believes that the distraction of drivers...



10 useful features iMessage, which you did not know

With the launch of iOS 10, Apple introduced the update proprietary messenger iMessage. At first glance, nothing interesting happened: was added stickers, Emoji and animated fireworks. In fact, Apple introduced...



Half of the long-distance trains in 2017 will be wifi

Half of the long-distance trains to the end of the year will be installed access point Wi-Fi. According to “Izvestia”, passengers will be able to obtain high-speed multimedia content and...



Apple has confirmed that it is working on unmanned vehicles

Apple has taken another step to recognize that she is developing self-driving cars, writes Financial Times. The representative of the California Corporation entered into a new Committee on automated vehicles,...



Apple is the 11th year in a row recognized as the most innovative company in the world

IT company in 2016 again took the first position in the ranking of the 50 most innovative version analyitcal The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The undisputed leader in innovation for...



The construction of the “spaceship” Apple is nearing completion [video]

It’s been four year since, as the city Council of Cupertino approved the creation of a Grand headquarters of Apple in the form of a flying saucer. According to recent...



In Moscow launched a taxi with a Tesla

Tesla Club Moscow has launched the Moscow taxi cars Tesla. This was stated by the Director of communications of the company Igor Antara. To cause the electric car, just use...



The app “Park of Moscow” solve the problem of finding the car in the Parking lot

Users of the mobile application “Park of Moscow” now you can use the search function of the car in the Parking lot. This is the official website of the mayor...



People freaked out and sell the iPhone on the cheap

Little to buy iPhone two to three times cheaper than in the store? That was not a fake. These prices are real. The lowest prices on iPhone ads DamProdam. Remember...



“I was scared to death”: the former top Manager of Apple told the story of creating the first iPhone

“Steve told me straight that this is a closely guarded secret. He said he will fire anyone who would leak it. I was scared to death”. Tony Fadell thought hard...

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