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The police allowed the suspects to demand the password from the smartphone

Court of Florida ruled that the police have the right to force people to give the pin codes from smartphones. Once in Florida have arrested Aaron Stahl on suspicion of...



Yandex has released a new version Yandex.Maps with voice navigation

The company “Yandex” has presented an updated mapping application “Yandex.Cards”, which is now not only paves the road route, but also gives in the way of voice prompts. The program...



Apple hired leading specialists of the map service Here to work on Apple Maps

Over the past few months Apple has hired a number of leading employees previously worked on the map service Here. This was announced on Wednesday Businessinsider citing sources familiar with...



OneTwoTrip – how to save on travel using your iPhone

Soon the Christmas holidays are approaching, and with them – not only crush in online stores, and travel: when I’d have ten days from the whole family? But since all...



App for dealing with tow trucks CrocoDie worked in Saint-Petersburg

In Petersburg has earned the service to protect cars from the evacuation of the CrocoDie. This was stated by osnovatelnee company Ksenia test. Experts fear that the app will encourage...



Users “Vkontakte” massively complain about hype in audio

Netizens complained on advertising in audio recordings in social network “Vkontakte”, which now plays when listening to songs. People are asked to listen to short tracks with call signs advertising...



How to pay traffic fines by using Apple Pay

Now to pay traffic fines by using Apple Pay service. Yandex has announced the update of the application Yandex.The fines that support the new functions. The service is available on...



According to analysts, Apple’s stock remains one of the most underrated

Financial analyst Brian white of Drexel Hamilton argues that the net profit of Apple is several times higher than the next three competitors from the IT industry. According to experts,...



Apple self-driving car may soon become a reality

Apple has taken another step to recognize that it is creating self-driving cars. The Corporation received the first patent in the framework of Project Titan, which allows to conclude that...



Sony has released one of the most affordable multimedia systems with support for Apple CarPlay [video]

Sony started selling digital car stereo XAV-AX100, specifically designed to work with automotive technology Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The device, announced in August this year, provides a convenient way...



10 mistakes that kill your iPhone

Many users are trying to be careful with the iPhone – using cases and films for the screen. However, it is still wrong to use them. That is, doing everything...



Apple has published a full list of the 200 cars that support CarPlay

Apple published an updated list of vehicles that support brand car interface CarPlay, the company. In Cupertino indicated that at the moment, drivers can choose from two hundred machines, to...



9 companies that Apple bought in 2016

Apple often buys other companies, but not very willingly talked about it. Edition Rb collected information on nine transactions this year, was made public. The list is far from complete...



Apple is not the same? Why are those wrong who predicted the collapse of the “Apple” of the Empire

Lately, probably everyone has heard that Apple is not the same, the company is doomed and has no future. Investors dissatisfied with low sales growth, and the iPhone and other...



“Yandex” managed to solve the problem of failure of GPS in the area of the Kremlin

The navigation application of “Yandex” learned to deal with disruption of GPS in the area of the Moscow Kremlin at the expense of the auto-correction sudden changes of the position...

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