In Australia, the camera recognizes a driver who is talking on the phone

Last week, we talked about a mobile application that will warn about an approaching car if you do not let the phone out of your hands. But what to do with drivers who sin the same? How to track them at all?

On December 1, Australia's state-owned transport company launched an automatic recognition system for drivers who use smartphones while driving.

In test mode, the system has been operating since the beginning of the year, and during this time more than 100,000 violations were recorded. Of course, there are fines: the first three months after launch – a warning, then a fine of $ 232, and if you used a smartphone while driving around the school, you will have to pay $ 309.

In Australia, the camera recognizes a driver who is talking on the phone

The main goal is to reduce the number of fatal accidents by one third in a year. However, there are shifts to this: in 2019, in the state of New South Wales, where they launched cameras with recognition, 329 people died, and in 2018 – 354 people.

Cameras – Top! Punishing drivers who use a smartphone while driving is correct. The only way the system will work, say, in the “Moscow traffic jams” mode? Fine even if you are sitting in a car, using a smartphone and not moving?

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