Waymo autopilot won't ride in bad weather

Soon all of us will have a wonderful future, where people will not be allowed to drive cars with the exception of specially designated places. But while we are at the very beginning of the development of autonomous cars. And periodically, interesting or unexpected features of the computer vision of the car's control systems pop […]


About everything interesting for the week # 7: PlayStation 5, the new iCloud and the new Disney + service

The weekend is coming to an end, which means that the time for the next collection of "About Everything". A lot of interesting things. One paragraph news Sony patented PlayStation 5 design The LetsGoDigital publication has published screenshots of the new Sony patent, which demonstrates the design of the PlayStation 5. But this may not […]


                                    MacBook Pro bans flying on airplanes

Interesting news from the USA. Some 15-inch MacBook Pros appear to have fallen under "sanctions." Take them on a plane is officially prohibited. Image – AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson The corresponding decree was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Under its action fall MacBook Pro, released in a certain period. Namely, from September 2015 to […]


                                    Apple Car to be: Apple hired a Tesla lead engineer

Rumors that Apple has been working on creating its own car have been around for a long time. Periodically, Apple adds fuel to the fire, patenting car-related technologies, acquiring start-ups or enticing hiring specialists from car companies. So, recently in the state of Apple replenishment occurred. A former employee of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla […]


                                    iOS 12.4 dramatically increases battery life

Recently, an interesting survey was conducted. Users were asked how long their iPhones work? The answers were disappointing. For many, the phone is discharged in half a day. Image from How to extend this time without effort? It will probably help update iOS 12.4, released the other day. Tests show that the novelty bypasses […]


Combo Playme P600SG Review

Long time I did not unpack the new Playme! Last time with a couple of Ilyusha Kazakov, when they shot a wonderful movie about our Mini. Much water has flown under the bridge since that time! Already, Ilya and the Mini do not (moved to the new “three” BMW), all new gadgets for the car […]

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Unique accessories for iPhone

Often when purchasing a smartphone, consumers tend to buy the unit with maximum memory, and consultants shops trying to impose on us additional accessories – covers, films and safety glass. But, in addition to accessories that protect the smartphones, there is a very interesting and necessary gadgets. We will tell about them in this set. […]