Thing of the day: AirFly Pro – Bluetooth adapter for wireless headphones

Our studio has many different gadgets. Some gather dust in the mezzanines of the distant mezzanines, some are used every day, and others are used on business trips. Among the latter are not only wireless headphones with active noise canceling like the Sony WH-1000XM3, but a thing called AirFly.

A review of this adapter with a 3.5-mm jack transmitting a signal via Bluetooth, Sergei did a year ago:


Twelve South AirFly adapter overview

Sergey Kuzmin

December 13, 2018

On the cover of that text, the Nintendo Switch is no coincidence: this set-top box does not have Bluetooth. And Valya bombed this subject very heavily in a recent video, while talking about the old version of AirFly:

Now the Pro version of this adapter has been released. And she was even cooler! There are several reasons for this.

Two listeners

Suppose you and your partner fly to faraway Caribbean lying on the beaches and drink Margarita, stirring her beer (please do not do this).

The flight from Moscow there takes 13 hours, you can watch the built-in films on the plane. And do it from one screen of your generic iPad Pro (2017) using two pairs of the brand new AirPods Pro. Conveniently!

In general, just insert AirFly Pro into a 3.5 mm “jack”, which will be able to distribute the audio signal to two Bluetooth devices at once.


This thing works in reverse. Suppose in the Caribbean you rented a car with an old multimedia system without Bluetooth, but with an AUX input.

Plug in AirFly Pro and flick the music from your iPhone to it while listening to the new single by Billy Elish through the speaker system of this car.

Working hours

AirFly Pro works twice as long as the regular version, and it charges not from micro-USB, but from normal Type-C! And this despite the fact that AirFly Pro weighs 1.4 grams more than the first generation adapter.


So far, AirFly Pro is available only in the United States. It costs 10 bucks more than a regular AirFly – $ 54.99. We must get it soon!

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