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What will be the car from Apple

Apple has parted ways with plans to create your TV, but continues to develop its own car, which will go on the roads by 2020. What will be the car...



20-megapixel flagship HTC One M9 inferior in quality photography iPhone 4s

Flagship smartphone HTC One M9, with its 20-megapixel camera showed a very weak result in the test DxOMark evaluate opportunities photos and videos of a variety of mobile devices. Experts...



Fraudsters under the guise of administration WhatsApp extort money for saving account

International antivirus company ESET has warned users of the popular WhatsApp messenger on a new wave of spam. WhatsApp is in April 2015 exceeded 800 million monthly active users. This...



The controller Aria is mounted on the strap for smart watches and allows it to be manipulated with gestures

In 2013, the company Thalmic Labs has introduced the Myo device that allows you to control various electronics by movements of fingers, hand and forearm. The sensors analyze the position...



SafariStand is a free plugin solves the main problem of web surfing on a Mac

The Safari browser is the second most popular place in the world, second only to Chrome and leaving far behind its competitors. This is the best known and most widely...



Britain’s Prince boasted Apple Watch Edition for $17 000

British journalists noticed on the hand of Prince Andrew of expensive watches from the collection the Apple Watch Edition, which he put on one of the events at Buckingham Palace....



Why Apple stopped developing their own 4K TV

In the bowels of Apple definitely engendered something called “Apple TV”. For many years it was rumored that the California giant will offer modern TV. And, according to available information,...



Analysts: the introduction of 5G is virtually useless at current rates for data transmission

Main Telecom this year’s theme, marked at the mobile world Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is a 5G or a new revolution in wireless networks. However, revolutionary in fact in the...



Smart watch ReVault equipped with 128 GB of memory and can act as cloud storage

Smart watch is comfortable enough to display various notifications without pulling out from his pocket. But it is, in fact, all the functionality, which can be seen as a key...



The history of the case for iPhone for $150 million, or Russian tablet that failed

Anatoly Chubais in his microblog on Twitter said that the project “Rosnano” on the development of the “Russian iPad” has been brought to release to the market. At the same...



iOS vs Android: 10 benefits of the operating system Google

“My curve and ugly”, “the IPhone is an expensive and pretentious”. Came to the store, look in the window, the seller does not believe, what to buy is not know....



New app identifies the age and sex of the person on the photo

To determine the real age of a person is sometimes very difficult: makeup, plastic surgery, and just looks not for years can prevent this. However, the creators of the app...



External battery for smartphones Lumopack charged in about 30 minutes [video]

The market is a wide range of external battery that can charge iPhone and iPad. The catch is that to restore their energy requires quite a long time, because of...



Futurist named Steve jobs, enemy of humanity

Within six hours of the Russian futurist Danila Medvedev at a lecture at the Kazan Federal University argued the thesis that Apple’s founder Steve jobs has deceived mankind, according to...



Puzzle Magnetized was the game of the week and available in the App Store for free

Every week, Apple picks the best app in the app Store and makes it free. This time became a fun free puzzle game Magnetized, developed by Zhi-Yo Hong. Magnetized is...

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