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Shot on iPhone a movie about hookers and transgender biopic about Steve Jobs will compete for leadership in the rental

The tragicomedy “Mandarin”, is the story of two prostitutes-transgender people in Los Angeles, stands out not only because it shows a lesser known side of life in Hollywood, but that...



Microsoft Hyperlapse to create a video time-lapse was released on the Mac [video]

Popular Microsoft for timelapse Hyperlapse Pro became available on the platform OS X. the Version for Mac computers, according to the developers, no different from the version of the program...



Apple has added a black ribbon in mourning for those killed in the terrorist attacks in France

Apple has placed a black mourning ribbon on the main page of the website in the memory of the victims of terrorist attacks in the French capital. The black tape...



Jonathan Ive explained why Apple is better than any other Pencil stylus

Director of design at Apple Jonathan Ive in an interview with the Telegraph said about the new iPad Pro and the stylus Pencil Apple, resembling the size of a normal...



Prince criticized Apple Music – Apple does not allow the artists to make money online

It is believed that Apple is more profitable for Music artists due to higher deductions. However, in a recent interview the singer, known under the alias Prince, has denied the...



Tim cook: racist incident in the Apple Store contrary to the values of Apple

In the Australian city of Melbourne six black students expelled from the Apple Store. One of the workers, deciding that adolescents may commit theft, asked young people to leave immediately....



Samsung may be the only provider of OLED displays for Apple

It’s no secret that LG Display is a major supplier of OLED displays for the Apple Watch. According to the latest rumors, Apple is negotiating with Samsung about the possibility...



Tim cook: the next generation of children will not know what is cash

Apple CEO Tim cook is convinced that the next generation of children will not know what is cash money. To replace the cache will come electronic counterparts, he said at...



“I propose to ban the words” Pavel Durov commented on the proposal of deputies to block in Russia Telegram

The Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov commented on the proposal of deputies of the state Duma to prohibit the access of Russia to the application Telegram. According to officials, using...



Media: 4-inch iPhone 6c will be released in the middle of next year

Almost all important presentation of 2015 have already passed the flagship Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and other major brands formally demonstrated, and even went on sale. Analysts therefore call them insights...



Expert: Russian mobile phones are not ready to compete with iPhone

Russia is not ready to produce mobile phones, which could become competitors to the iPhone and other top smartphones foreign. This was reported TASS the member of expert group of...



Forget about the megapixels: why the resolution of the camera of a smartphone does not affect the quality of the photos

What matters most in a smartphone camera? If you think that the number of megapixels, then you are a victim of marketing. Of course, the more megapixels, the more detail...



Apple Pay will work in Canada tomorrow

Payment service Apple Pay will be available to residents of Canada from tomorrow. About it reports a thematic blog iPhoneCanada with reference to the statement of American Express. According to...



Tim cook explained his words about the death of personal computers

Apple CEO Tim cook announced the words that at present the need for personal computers disappeared. The comment referred to the Director-General’s statements, made last week in an interview with...



Samsung will release the Android clamshell in the style of the flagship Galaxy S6 edge

Smartphone-clamshell Samsung SM-W2016 on single-chip system Exynos 7420 seen previously in the results of the benchmark GFXBench, appeared in the database Chinese certification body TENAA. Due to this, design and...

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