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McLaren have confirmed talks with Apple about buying a manufacturer of sports cars

The McLaren Technology Group, which manufactures sports cars and owns a team of “Formula 1”, confirmed the fact of negotiating with Apple about potential cooperation. This was told by Executive Director of McLaren Automotive Mike Fluit in an interview with Reuters.

Last fall rumors and a possible purchase of the McLaren California giant, but then in Woking denied them. The producer’s interest in the iPhone due to the fact that in Cupertino are interested in the development of an unmanned electric vehicle. Apple has never publicly announced such a project, but he wrote a lot of the media. Apple more than two years leads the development in this direction and the acquisition of McLaren can be seen as a strategic investment.

“Proposal from Apple was not, – said Fluid. – We met, we talked about business. But they have not matured to a final solution.”

McLaren informed sources reported that Apple is interested in the technological developments of the company and its patent portfolio. At the same time, they noted that prospects for the transaction is not defined in connection with changes inside Apple.

Interest in the topic of a possible change of the owner of the McLaren reappeared after the news of the resignation of Ron Dennis from his post as Executive Director of the British company. The departure of Dennis may be associated with the reluctance of other co-owners of McLaren (Bahraini investment Fund Mumtalakat, and the Arab businessman Mansur Ojea from TAG) to sell the shares to third parties. Dennis also advocated a sale of the company to a consortium of Chinese investors.

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Fluid confirmed that several potential buyers interested in McLaren, but Bahraini investors and young OGA really don’t want to part with the shares.

McLaren are located in the UK and specializiruetsya in the production of sports cars and racing cars. Including the company is engaged in studies of aerodynamics and alloy materials. Apple has refused to officially talk about the deal with McLaren.

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